Oops, wrong origin

Hello, I know this took me a while, but I just realized my origin is set to Pirate, though I spawned on the Trader world. Looks like other people might have had the same issue… they just caught it way faster than I did.

Thanks for any help and thanks for such an amazing server!


(you lose everything and start over again with optional new origin)

Are you looking at your origin ingame or looking at it via HWS connect?

My origin is wrong in HWS connect but in game it is correct.

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Same. Says Im a pirate. Despite spawning on trader, and having a trader faction


If oyu really choose the wrong planet let us know.

Website is wrong a the moment, so dont bother about that until rex fixes it.

Where does it say in game? I’m looking at HWS Connect.

Cool, thanks Jascha; nah it’s just displaying wrong in HWS Connect. There’s no hurry.

Press tab. In the top above your character avatar will be Origin:

Don’t trust the website.

Cool, thanks I’ll check right now

Edit: okay I’m dumb it says Trader in big letters right there. Withdrawn! Thanks everyone.

You can trust if you use it correct.

The XML has the correct data about you. But it uses a cache system to render the page faster. You have the old data there.

If you want to see the correct data clear the browser cache.

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