Op4 Allies&Treaties Recruitment for 6.0

The Op4 Alliance will not continue into 6.0. It has been formally disbanded.
(Need current Op4 and Alliance members to log into TeamSpeak for full briefing)

Op4 leadership has determined we wont be formally allying with any other factions initially in 6.0. This does not
mean our former allies will now be our enemies. We’ve decide to consolidate for better command and control. Got BIG plans for our 6.0 offensive that will include both NA & EU server. Former alliance members will be given priority consideration
To join Op4.(provided you leave your former faction on good terms) All others will be considered individually as personnel are needed. Requests may be submitted via PM. The better the submission they better your
chances. Also include if have military service.
Although Op4 wont initially have formal allies we will be willing to agree to a few treaties with a limited number of factions. I’ve listed them below with basic details. In depth treaty negotiations will be private. Acknowledgment of any treaty will neither be confirmed or denied by OP prior to disclosure by other faction or player.

  1. Non-Aggression Pact (Faction & Selected Individuals)
    Op4 will not aggressively pursue players or raid NAP bases. We do reserve the right to stand our ground,
    individual bounties will be pursued. What does this mean? If you see us you need to withdraw. Once your faction tag is recognized any attack will be halted. Your bases will not be raided. The list of Factions with a NAP will be small so there will be no confusion once your Faction TAG is recognized. We will pay appropriate compensate for any damages provided the matter is handled privately.

  2. Trading Partner (Faction & Individuals)(Pre-existing NAP required)
    TPs will have access to Op4’s ever growing trade network along with our planned Trade HQ in elemental market.
    This includes private storage, accessible adv. constr., medical center, stocked kitchen and more. Climate control allows you to take your helmet off while you converse with friends, trade or just plan your next move. The observation lounge
    allows you to look out at the less fortunate as they struggle while enjoying every luxury HWS has to offer. PvPers enjoy
    the lounge as it has a direct terminal to Lg. CV parking an affords an excellent vantage point to locate your next mark or victim. You be You we don’t judge.

  3. Preferred Trading Partner (Individuals Only)(Pre-existing NAP, TP required)
    PTPs will have access to not only the Trade HQ located in Elemental Marketplace. These lucky few will have
    access to Helhiem Resources, Op4 FreeScrap, Op4 Hydroponics and Op4 HQ. You’ll have direct access to our PvP loot before it even makes it to the trade network.
    Players holding a PTP treaty will be directly involved with planning Op4 Strategic Trading Initiative. This is the unrestricted manipulation of public markets to ensure the best profit margin for our Trading Partners. These player will also enjoy the comfort of knowing they can call on Op4 to provide everything from Security Escorts to Planet wide Invasion and Clearance operations at a extremely reduced rate.

  4. Faction Alliance (Faction Only)(Pre-existing NAP,TP Required)
    Your Enemies Are Our Enemies, Our Enemies Are Your Enemies.
    Further Terms discussed privately.

    Events for 6.0
    During these events all players will be considered to be under a NAP.

  5. NA Expeditionary Force (Faction & Individuals)(No Pre-existing Treaties Required)
    CSW-Raids is best way to get the votes to either join Op4 or have your faction allied.

  6. NA PvP RP Scenarios for Noobs
    6.0 will unleash a war unlike any before it. Battles will be fought, Fortunes will be lost, The Story will be told.

Imagine you are a new player to HWS NA. You look up see a massive transport CV under attack. White Boxes fall from the sky like rain. Reinforcements arrive to help the CV transport. A battle wages above you. SV’s are exploding all around you. A massive explosion rips through the CV sending it crashing toward the planet. You watch as a rescue team evacuate the transport crew. And poof, it’s all over. They’re gone. All that’s left is a battlefield full of wrecks, white boxes and you, to tell the story. Most likely in Global as its happening.

Vet Player Translation.
SV vs SV PvP event. Cargo Transport is off limits except for those responsible to “shoot it down”. The rest are participating in the SV vs SV Battle. The Cargo Transport acts as beacon for those participating in the event to stay close too. The transport Can be an Observation CV for spectators. The spectators are the crew that’s gets rescued. It’s
all a matter of perception. If we manipulate that perception with a few choice words in global they will see the picture we paint. Prizes will be awarded @ elemental market

Any negotiations to be conducted privately. Would like those commenting to show us the same respect we
would give them in a recruitment post. Feel free to discuss any of the Op4 6.0 PvP RP event ideas and how
best we can implement them. Like where and when so max amount of noobs witness it. New ideas are
always appreciated.


More events is never a bad thing! You’ll have to scope out the best places to hold em once you get over and have a look around!