OPEN TODAY! The CV Fighter Ammo Shop on Elemental Marketplace! The NPC-Trader- NA

Are you a Pirate and running out of CV ammo?
Alliance need to reload your guns for a fast call to stop the pirates?
Hunter you get a job to do and your not ready?
Trader need to defend yourself?
Lawless just need to worry in other things?

The CV Fighter in NA server is the first shop selling CV ammo for those orbital fighters or defenders. Giving a solution for those “Im not ready moments” or to be ready when your new ship needs to be loaded.

This package includes:

  • 3 stacks of 160mm CV
  • 3 stacks of 30mm CV
  • 8 stacks of Flack Shell CV
  • 3 stacks of 15mm CV
  • 3 stacks of PL Charge CV
  • 15 stacks LS Charge CV
  • 10 stacks 150mm H Cv
  • 1 stack 5.8 sentry gun ammo.CV
  • 500 of fusion cells
  • 3 emergency food rations
  • 2 large medi kits

For just 77k.

You can look up to this quick and awesome Shop on HWS Connect in the NPC-Trader-Tab!
All you have to do is a short trip to Elemental Market ( side to all the other amazing shops in there and walk right into the Shop to the main desk)
After the Welcome Message you only have to type "TN:BUY" and confirm with “CB:YES” to get our package and get ready to go an fight. If you also need a container to release your backpack while getting the package there is one container front of the desk in the floor. Password 1234.

The CV Fighter - Ammo Shop - At your Elemental Market Orbit


Holiday season update for our customers:

1- Fridge with FREE food
2- Container with FREE O2 Bottles
Password 1234

Enjoy your stay and happy shopping!

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