Open warp sleds no longer allowed?

I warped into freelancer origin in an old warp sled bp and only found out it wasn’t viable to use open cockpits when i died upon entry into the new system. I was carrying valuable resources for my survival and am basically screwed in my current position, is there any way i can get some help?

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CB:Reset or Fresh Start.

New mechanics make it so you need a pressurized environment to survive in space.

wow, that sucks i guess i missed that in the patch notes

glad u were willing to volunteer your time to help by telling me to restart from scratch

Try these:
With Shower:
Without Shower:

These are the updates to my published warp sled from before 6.0, now includes ventilator and logic to kill engines while someone is on foot inside, to keep you from getting cooked. Still stupid cheap

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