Orbital auto miner consumes too much fuel

Im not sure why but my autominer is bugged or it didn’t notice the change in fuel consumption? I refilled it yesterday with 12 cores after it showed everything empty. I checked afterwards and had 5 in iron and 1 in everything else. that’s the first anomaly since I don’t know where those other 4 came from. Today I check my autominers and there are all empty except iron of course. Shouldn’t the cores last 3 days?

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need those old drill charges back.

The logs state that all is fine.

First: You fueled them in 3 stages. That means the first (in your case Iron) gets 3 and the rest 9 will be put into the others. So the last 2 don’t get any. (This will be changed this week as mentioned couple times in forum)

If they took fuel 2 days before then of course they will take them one day later again.

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