Origin change requests


Bra’tac from [FUE] faction, alliance origin would like to change for lawless origin, I’m asking this on his behalf because he doesn’t know a single english word, he was unable to understand the server rules and I’m talking with him on his TS.

Could you also switch to freelancer origin jean.petit from my faction [LFT], he started alliance by mistake?

Thanks you.

cant they give all their stuff to you to hold and do a cb:reset?

Hey chobo,

changing Origins with our tool is not 100% tested yet. We do not know if there are sideeffects with alliances or so.
If you do not have lots of alliances and want to take the risk we can do it.

In general we recommend to do a cb:reset (combined what Daddy suggested)

We’ll do a cb:reset, thanks rexxxus.

I’ve said that many times that you can change your origin by using csw and cb:reset. That way you dont lose your character and vessels