Oro-Weyland Company: History and Current Storyline

Originated in the year 2017, the Oro-Weyland company was started by two individuals, Bertrand Oro and Rebecca Weyland. The two came from differing backgrounds, Oro worked as an engineer for Space X, and Weyland was a career physicist and a hobbyist explorer. The rise in space exploration in the private sector sought a growing need in individuals willing to work and operate in space, utilizing various avenues for arriving to the stars. The first big development was the commercial application of the EM Drive, which allowed humans to explore the stars and approach near-lightspeed using gravitational bubbles. The Oro-Weyland company was not a pioneer in any of these technologies, but developed astronauts for contract hire into unknown space. The value of pilots was too great, and the value of these vessels even higher. Having employed veteran pilots, the Oro-Weyland company opened a school on spacecraft piloting, interstellar navigation, and application of the scientific method for collecting specimens in foreign environments.

What the Oro-Weyland company produced was the process by which astronauts were made; they developed a system that educated space-capable bargaining units faster than any other service, which provided them excellent venture capital to expand their operations into Research and Development, and Exploration. Accelerate to the present and the company has been in business for over a century. Generations of ownership have changed the company over time, and the needs of a space-faring society changes the mission of this minor corporation over time. The Oro-Weyland company has approximately five thousand employees across the known universe, but the scope of our focus will expand on the Homeworld satellite of the corporation.

The CEO of the Oro-Weyland Homeworld Chapter is Saadow Leon. Born in orbit, the now middle-aged owner of the corporation has a youthful, adventurous spirit known to Freelancers of his ilk. The chair-members of the board, Sny Weyland and Tseriah Oro, are clone beings from the F2 Cryo system. Their genetic makeup designated them as corporate leadership in purpose and design. The company had them specifically grown from genetic samples of the original ownership that they could guide the chapter, as is common in all but the Sol system’s leadership, who is a genetic combination of the Oro and Weyland bloodlines.

Saadow is, however, a freelancer; a free spirit and an artistic soul. He is known for writing poetry, playing an instrument to pass his time, or looking out at the stars in search of adventure and danger. One curious thing about him was his public hypothesis that sentient alien lifeforms of varying sizes must exist given the differing densities, gravity, and bio-availability of various nutrient-rich flora and fauna on other worlds. Much of his poetry and songwriting centers around this search, this belief; most others looking on consider him little more than an eccentric. This however was curiously challenged during a public press release,

“Sir,” a reporter started, “Your online presence has shown a curious affinity for the fairytale like search for giants and giant beings. Some of your investors have questioned your mental fitness to lead the company. Can you comment on that?”

“Of course,” Saadow began, "It’s reasonable to come to that conclusion, however, I invite them to look at our quarterly earnings report, the salvage business has been doing exceptionally well with TAW and outlying rebel forces fighting. There’s been plenty of damaged vessels to scavenge.

That being said," he paused emphatically, “My personal pursuits, while public knowledge, do not impact my governance of the Company. I feel my adventurous spirit and outspoken nature, while not a genetic gift of Bertrand Oro and Rebecca Weyland, are in line with their own mentalities, according to the historic texts on the founding of the company. However, given there’s curiosity of this hobby of mine, I should inform you that I’ve found evidence of the existence of giant aliens.”

Hushed whispers surrounded a few flashing lights of cameras taking pictures of this moment, and many others.

“Yes, for the record, let it be known that the Oro-Weyland company has discovered proof of my hypothesis. Orbiting a nearby temperate planet within the habitable range of a nearby star, we discovered a vessel with utilities inside for something roughly five times the size of an average human.”

“If there is any further evidence of this that can be shared, it’s of interest to me to learn more. You can reach me at my press contact email address.”


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