Outcast Alliance

After the wars of the past had left almost every planet decimated and void of life. Those who
waged these wars were cast out into the void. Planets devestated by past wars began the long
process of rebuilding. Trade returned and the systems prospered. In time the wars of the past
were forgotten and the people grew weak.

But deep in the darkness of the void those who were once foes were forced to work together
to survive. The Void showed no mercy. Survival of the fittest prevailed. In time the memory of
why they were once foes faded. All was lost that was once cherished. Replaced by the cry
"The Weak Shall Perish !"

Only Factions/Players with a donor planet will be accepted.
Only a limited number of factions will be allied.
Former Foes welcome. All will be considered.

Sound off with your Faction tag and resource your planet will have post 7th wipe to be considered.
(Time sensitive response as we hope to have all allied planets in the same cluster.)

Once you are accepted you will get our TS3 info.

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