Over crouding

Ray and Mio are located in ECC via teleporter… you don’t even have to warp. The real thing is people don’t know about these options. All most players know is PVP ‘can’ be scary and have this fear The Black Flag will pop up on the radar the moment they step foot in PVP. Honestly most of the PVP planets are filler that no one even bothers to go to. Maybe that could be part of the change as well.

Where would you park your vessels if you build on Mio/Ray near the ECC teleporter? In/on ECC? Have fun with the taxes and the added lag on ECC (this is about reducing lag and playfield crashes, remember?). And would you really want to bridge the distance to the other portal then go through it, get into another vessel and then warp anyway because you need to do it for RP?

Peacekeeper East and West both have a portal to Mio and Ray.

Again back to my original point… clearly a quest guide is needed to teach people these things.

This can be called the over limit invasion. Here is the story:

Too many cores and the alien armada invade, kinda like a preemptive strike at human forces. Their purpose is to destroy as many vessels and structures possible to deter future aggression against their empire.


Yes, that would be the “other portal” I referenced. It doesn’t change that it is a worse planet with worse access to the rest of the universe.

And no lags.


Tsar Bomba for the win! :slight_smile:

Did you know that the shockwave from the Tsa Bomba could be measured on richter scales nine times around the world!! Insane!

Yeah and USSR just blow up 50mgt… but they want blow up 100mgt…at first…:slight_smile:

p.s. If you dont know… now Russian Federation have special…doomsday bomb…Near the Cremlin. If something goes wrong…push botton… and we all fly to mars with out space ships… :joy:

I dream about it on HWS…I want donator-nuke…but only for me :wink:

Haha reminds me of this scene from Doctor Strangelove, a very funny film! Makes fun of America’s fear of Russia hehehe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozg7gEchjuM

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Man you Russians are crazy you know that?