Over crouding

Just a thought
I have been plying this game for 2 years now and have seen what over crouding a planet can do.
1st it causes way too much lag
2nd it brakes the server and gives admins and owner a lot of head ackes
would it be feesable to give people 4 weeks to prepare there ocd and am ( saerver provides) to become pvp ready enough to move off the 2nd starter planets of hq’s and start to live else where.? so there is less lagging
Just woundering what other people think of this i know that pve peopel want a safe place to put there resorces but thats what ocd is for and i know you want a safe place to call home but thats wht gaining rep points to rep planets are for too. Just trying to think of ways to stop lag and save admins and owner from head ake suggestions needed if you have anything better to add please do!.

So instead of over crowding 3 planets, you overcrowd the 2 pve planets? Great idea. If you’ve played on this server for any amount of time then you would know that we’ve been there, and done that

older players know that over crouding planest are not good to live on for verry long but we need a solution not people who state the obviouse or give silly remarks lets be possitive and help come up with a solution one maybe for 4 weeks pve planets hq ones ne wplayers leran the game then for 1 week it goes pvp for them to learn from there mistakes and get used to a little pvp.

Tax and/or shorter deletion times on over-crowded PVE playfields. Or threatening to turn them PVP if they reach an upper limit, however that’s easily exploitable by factions with nefarious intents.

Well if u do that andrea then you will have to rework how freelancers and alliance gain rp

Just set the HQ systems to pvp the last day of every month and turn off OLP on those playfields for that day. Keep them origin restricted so alliance can fight alliance, lawless v lawless, etc.

Call it the HWS Purge: Origin Wars…pve players can tough out one day of pvp a month or move their resources out.

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Or drone base w/ admin core, and waves every 2 minutes, and no OP.

The great Alien purge is coming!!

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hah, I would suspect admin core drone bases would generally be /more/ taxing on the server… but that would be entertaining.

Or, how about once play fields reach the limit, multiple alien CVs spawn around planet (or space) with admin cores and roam around destroying structures until the limit is back to under notification amount.

I betcha under this threat people would take those notifications more seriously.

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Just sounds like upset users and support tickets.

Ultimately, if 9 day rule is not wiping enough things, we need more planets or we need less faction structures and more private structures.


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At the end of the day people 1 will get bored if they dont experiance some pvp and 2 they can learn with pvp attacks on what to build and not to for pvp and 3 something needs to be done about the over crouding keep the idears comming guys. its all good

See above…Earthling!

Wrong, it’s exactly the opposite; overcrowding a play field in the past led to massive amount of lag as best case scenario (empy v. 4.x) to the play field being unavailable until it was recovered and then maybe all the structures would be replaced from backup. There was NO incentive to have to leave. The only thing keeping it in line at the moment are the limits Rex put in place on the origin systems, and at times that’s not enough.

Everybody wants a BA on a PvE system, either a donator planet, PK/ Origin system etc. now imagine if everyone brought their shit home, how many warnings would it take? Do we need 30 warp sleds laying around? Empty cargo trucks and battered SV/HV/CVs strewn about until 9 days pass? Or there is that one ■■■■■■■ that lines them up to jump on all of them once a week. Meanwhile we get warnings about an origin planet that has no bearing on us at all. All the time it’s “alliance HQ” or freelancer or pirate… you get the idea I hope.

I mean if it really bothers you to get those notifications, you could feature request that HQ warnings that:
a: dont go to apposing faction players
b: dont go to players that do not have assets on that playfield

On topic:
Really though, I think that adding new alliance HQ planets (maybe one per month) might help alleviate the problem as it gives new players a fresh world experience and allows long term players to not be competing as much for space, and reduces aggregate server load.

Also it would be an origin perk that I believe would appeal to Alliance players.

I have this dream of people not being noobs and moving to the planets Ray or Earth X7. People keep letting me down. Maybe have some kind of F1 quest that teaches people how to not be noobs so I can stop explaining it 8 times a week that there is more than one PVE planet and moon for them to colonize.

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There isn’t any incentive to leave the HQ planets besides having to deal with less lag.

Earth X7 is an inconvenient place to go, especially for beginners:

  • it is far (~13km) away from both relevant warp in points
  • it is surrounded by PVP space
  • you can’t go to PVE space with an SV from there
  • no moon or PVE orbit to easily mine ressources without being bothered
  • the planet itself offers very little over HQ planets with long regen times for POIs

Compare that to e.g. Alliance HQ:

  • normal distance to warp in points
  • PVE orbit with plenty of regular ressources
  • ECC and one PVP orbit are within SV warp range
  • a moon with even more ressources and POIs
  • bad loot but fairly quickly regenerating POIs

And to top it all off you can’t even got to X7 without a bunch of reputation points. It is simply the inferior choice. Not moving to Earth X7 is the logical solution. As TacoIsland already said there is a lack of incentive to go elsewhere. And incentive always works better than punishment, it is less frustrating. more engaging and there is less of “I can’t read and now my stuff is gone, how could you?”

An option would be to give people an extra supply package if they move away from crowded places (under certain conditions to prevent abuse obviously). If people have an alien core in a base on an overcrowded planet they can get it back if they leave.

Or add an RP reward for not having cores on HQ planets at the 9 AM restart, you are only eligible for that reward if you have X hours of playing or already 150 RP. The restriction would be for new players - they can just go and live on the HQ planets for the start and when they are settled in they can move on and have an incentive to do so.

And if you just spread out the people that park their stuff on HQ planets over the orbits and moons the problem would be gone.

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I guess this is a nice problem to have, in that the number of active players on the server is causing overcrowding. I has always been so, I recall similar overcrowding in Ju planet in season 5.

Generally I agree with the incentive approach, that people move because the universe design makes leaving a better option. Perhaps lower class limits on bases on the origin planets than other Pve planets etc

Season 4 was so much worse, I don’t remember the planet name, but I hollowed out a POI (was a mine I believe) and used it as my disassembly plant for captured vessels. So much crap on planet you couldn’t go far without having the rendering lag stop you every few seconds.

I see our almighty leader has done his magic and added some more PVE planets now no excuse to spread out in the universe a bit more, take the hint guys lol