Overshot going up in yet another SV today and barely left orbit trying to get back in crashed the game Again

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What happened: End of day very very tired i tried to fix the problems on trying to recover from these bugs and just over shot a little bit as i was looking for where the CV was and trying to get back to the planet the game immediately crashed again

I don t know how many rescue SVs i got around now

It is almost impossible to get them down or jump over

Cant you just
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How can we help you now:

i need my vehicles back
I only was put ON my warpsled which was hanging nose down and just fell off directly causing me MORE problems than i already had

This isnt my fault orbitting EVERY restricted planet results in a game crash. I have terriblke issues with this and the game becomes unplayable this way

We can’t help you if you don’t give us any information. Sorry
Please fill out the support Ticket

Please also send us your client logs which can be found in your game folder.

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