Overwrote my NA character while trying to tranfer HWS Donator items

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**What happened:**ive just spend all evening on trying to get my maxed AMs contents from EU to NA, i was told to make a new toon and bring it over so i did that, emptied my am and went to NA with a lvl 10 char, emptied the content in my faction hangar and went back to EU, now when i logged back in to NA my character is level 10 as the EU one, and im stuck at the CSW. :frowning: Did i fuck up and erase my lvl 25??
Player(s) with issue: Feddy
Server: NA

Playfield: CSW

How can we help you now: Im really frustrated and really do not feel like spending a third day on hunting monsters for levels, im at the point where i see no other option to ask for help, what do i do if all my friends are playing on NA and all my donator stuff is on EU, if i really erased my lvl 25 char on NA is there any way to revert what ive done? and also is there any way to transfer my ocd lvl and AMs and so forth to NA?? hope you can help me


yes if you read the CSW guide you see that server hopping like that is not allowed. You can only play with one account on both servers together and warp with him to NA or EU. Or you play on both server separately and never use CSW.

So let me know what your decision is. But I can only restore a bit, like your level and upgrade points

Donator stuff Bank coins etc is all stationed on one server. It can’t be transferred.

Alright, i see its my own fault should’ve read more into it, im gunna stick to one character now! Dont know if its too much trouble to get me my level back, if not id be happy with that, so i can start moving stuff from my OCD as quickly as possible :slight_smile:

Ok. you need to be online though.
Just give me a ping here. If not tomorrow, since I will be off and on, then latest Monday I can give you the level. Just let me know when you are online.

no need i bit in me and grinded it myself, thaks anyways :slight_smile:

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