P& F keys fail to function after 2-10mins of game play

For about a week now, while doing lots of ocd:put commands, the P and F keys fail to function. The C, V, U, Y, T, space bar keys all work, just not the P and F. The only way to fix it is to log out of the game. Super frustrating.

As I said would be cool if you can reproduce it.

Doing action X causes problem Y. Then we can fix it.
Other than that it is like the left mouse button bug. Somehow, sometimes you can’t click. You have to restart the game for a fix. It’s alive since preAlpha…

This has been happening to me too. What I have found out is that the Registry listing for ALL ships/bases etc is blank/missing. It’s as if the game thinks there are no bases/ships and therefore cannot access something that is not there. The amounts of each (on the left side of the Registry screen) all show the correct numbers, just that the listing is blank. Am keeping at it as this bug is totally debilitating.

Also, the listing for the personnel in each faction is blank.

Black Satar this is the partial disconnect bug people talk about. On top of p and f, you also cannot type in global. Also, if someone were to walk up to you during this episode, they would see you standing exactly where you started failing.