Parking at the sun a bad idea?

Being told by another player not to base at the sun on this server as sometimes cv’s just disappear there for no reason and no refund is available by rexxus. Is there any truth to this? Happen often? Urban legend?


Hmm, i think the sun is PVP area.

If some -censored- comes along and detects you, your stuff is certainly subject to vanishing,

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The sun says PVP but from what I understand it’s actually not. There is a PVP icon that shows if its actually PVP so I don’t think that’s the issue at hand. I’m just trying to confirm or disprove that CV’s disappearing from the sun is an actual issue.

Well i always try to leave the sun quickly, so my main battlecruiser is not receiving any scratches :laughing:

Dude… buy some paint :smirk:

But as mentioned, don’t think it is pvp, even if description says so.

On an server is was hanging on earlier, ivhad my base at sun. Was ok, but also much much smaller.

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