Patch 1.10.3 and 30 000 Playhours Event

Good Morning @everyone
Patch 1.10.3 dropped with good changes I think… hope!

- 00974: Structures stop updating while building at some point
- 01002: Structures stop updating after some time while taking damage
- 01001: Explosion's can happen with a big delay when a big structure is taking damage
- 00890: Collision for large thrusters is not correct and does not apply blastdamage correctly
- Explosions: added a check to avoid an explosion if the structure was deleted already

This should improve the performance not only while building but especially in fighting (PvP and PvE POIs) significantly.
It should also prevent playfield crashes due too many explosions as happened in Phoenix few weeks ago.

Please test those points as good as possible and let me know your results.
In my tests I wondered how it was even possible to do such things before 1.10.3…
Thanks for your reports, so those could get fixed.

While I have your attention, on Saturday, 19th, starting at 18:30 until ~21:00 I’ll do the announced 30 000 Playhours Event.
Due time and effort reasons I do it first on HWS RE EU and then HWS RE NA.
Dedicated events, tournaments and more will come to HWS+ once it’s ready.
So yeah, find me in Nova at the given time and join the Alien Party I have with my buddies there. If you can keep up with the beat, you get fat rewards :grin: :v: