Patch 1.5 got released!

Good Day HWS Community

Patch 1.5 got finally released - after months of development.
Check the changes out here:

It’s not looking that fancy at the first look but in terms of modding etc. I can tell you cool things are possible now. (you will see in HWS+)

For HWS this patch does mean not much today. I’ll make a full backup of everything and just patch it (with some migrations for all three servers).

However, Ravien (the Creator of Reforged Eden) announced, that his big update will be ready on July. For that we have to full wipe and enjoy his new content.

For HWS EU and NA we are still on the brave waiting list. After 5 years it’s the first time a big Eleon patch isn’t integrated into HWS instantly but this time good things take time. As soon as I have a more ready picture, I want to show it to you and my plan still stands to offer a HWS+ Test Server for our grateful HWS Patrons as soon as possible.

Hopefully this time the patch won’t create massive issues as we are used to from the past. :crossed_fingers:


Here is to new beginnings … CHEERS I am looking forward to the new starts.

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