Patch 1.7.9 - Let's queue things up!

Good Morning @everyone
Patch 1.7.9 got released, the surprise, which is worth the ping in my opinion.

After more than 6 years, we have now a Login Queue! 2 actually:

  1. To handle season starts in a better way, we can now set the max. amount of people that download the SharedData content (200+mb for RE for example).
    So instead of 100 players downloading 20GB data at the same time, causing lags and disconnects for everyone, we can set it to 5 players, which should relieve the network traffic.

  2. If the server is full we can set the amount of player that can wait in a queue. If we set it to 50 for example and the server is at 150/150, 50 players can wait in a queue until somebody in the server logs out, replacing his/her spot.
    2.1. And as every queue system, there needs to be some Vip spots :grin: Jascha, our Helpers and myself will be on spot one of course.
    Then our Patrons, based on their Tier. (not yet implemented, soon)

However, all of this couldn’t be tested that good with my potato virtual box player.
So we test this today together with you - as always. :hwsstar:
Please let me know if everything works - mainly if you can enter the server still.

On RE EU, I once again say sorry for the inconveniences and thanks for your cooperation, creating over 400 tickets, requesting a structure restore.
Jascha and I processed more than 300 tickets since yesterday and complete everything hopefully today.
With a very improved backup system, this won’t happen or affect us anymore in that scale!
We hope you have now a relaxed, great season, with doubled content via CSW!


Thank you both for all your time used this last few days… we are all really happy and glad to see all that work put in place for us, the players.

Have a lovely easier, and good luck finding the eggs irl :grin:

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