Patch 1.8.5 important fixes

Dear HWS Community @everyone
with the just released 1.8.5 patch I want to go with you over some crucial additions/fixes, which took me quite a lot of hours to report and you some troubles to endure.

• Fixed MP: Set Signals over Dialogues do not work
=> as you know, Signals in MP never worked 100%. With this fix a deeper issue was found that should resolve a lot of MP related signal setups hopefully. (the bug was 3+ years in the game)

• Fixed DamageMultiplierConfig.ecf not considered for blast damage.
=> no matter if RE or especially HWS+, if entities had materials applied, it never worked for blast damage. Other weapons than rocket launchers should be viable again.

• Fixed 00115: Items are not saved in an Admin Core blueprint
=> another 2+ year old bug, which in some occasions, you got the wrong items in a POI than intended. It broke a lot of our Stargate Missions (Alien Asylum, Valentines Day, etc.)

And what isn’t mentioned in the changelogs: 2 big exploits got fixed regarding duping items, which some players still liked to do before we caught and banned them. Like 4+ old year dupes, I was finally able to reproduce and make a proper report.

I’m quite happy about this patch and hope no regressions etc. came in.

Last but not least for 5PM a big HWS+ patch is also scheduled, that should improve your gameplay. Keep an eye out at <#791944376916901908> later.
Thanks for your attention and have fun :v: