Patch 1.9 regression number... max. frustration | OCD GAME ISSUES

Good Morning @everyone,
you noticed it already I guess: Patch 1.9 broke something fundamentally regarding the mod API, so our OCD is affected.
:warning: Do NOT have a logistic (any) window open while trying to get something out of your OCD! :warning:
If you do, your items get lost and after 20+ tickets we are getting burned out by that.
We CAN’T fix it for now!
So I repeat: do NOT have the logistic window, any window open, when you do anything OCD related. (even the TAB player window prevents an OCD:put)

The only workflow for you is to connect to a container before you do an ocd:get and make sure your 9 available wifi slots are free to drop stuff from the OCD to it.