Patch 3.X lags problems (moved)

Have you read 1984? War - is the best thing to drain resources, to make a reason to do something. The only thing you can do if game mechanics doesn’t allow you to build ITER or Space elevator like IRL. Who needs AM or OCD if one can’t spend his resources? They have to improve PvP part of the game, not kill it with device limits.

And yes. The only hope is that devs will unfuck the game back.

I agree with you Sphiler, i love PvP and device limit is killer of many funy stuff. But without device limit doing that stuff is killer of game. I realy love pvp but when you will attack me with 500 turrets CV and ill have 0 fps ill just log off and go play some normal working game, why would i play some trash game and suffer such performance with computer i have?

Of course absolutly different story is if you will attack me with 500 turets CV and ill just jump into my 700 turrets CV and we would have battle at 60 fps, then i would be in haven.

And yes i have 500k of everyhting lets say, nothing where i can spend that exept long exhausting work - war, but am i going to attack SWP today? Im not sure, i would love to with no lag, but will i do it in 20s delay between pressing Tab and appearing of menu? Im not sure, ill i guess, but probably it will be for last day and then ill stop playing again and wait if devs will fix game one day.

Really, we need a massive test to figure out what is actually causes such lag. All devices, cores, turrets, people or Cthulhu mood.

Yes i agree we need to know whats causing it, but its probably combination, and im afraid that devs will change something next patch and then something else will be biggest issue and lag causing stuff.

Im in hopeless mood :frowning:

250k credits if not bought any other packages, Auto Miner Ores will be saved (not the fuel), the OCD will be saved.
Stuff in your factory will not be saved. We have a donation package though which pulls everything from the factory to the OCD and be saved in that way.

@Shpiler and @Elfias
To stop your pessimistic ping pong game: the patch 3.3 was terrible bad, yes. Combined with the runtime of 6 weeks this caused a lot of laggs and problems, yes. The device limit was maybe too late but not “it does not help anyway”. This is wrong.

This is also absolutely wrong cause even in patches before and with a fresh HWS game we know that big ships with a lot of turrets crashed the empyrion.exe CPU process so nobody can login anymore.
The game is not ready for 100 people playing it in Multiplayer but also not ready for big ships at all also.
So we keep it like it is now to grant stability in first place.
If we see they doing some serious work in the netcode / particles rendering we will adjust it of course.

Rexx im not sure what to do anymore, we had fight yesterday on GF, it was fun but raly, i saw Rem moving smoothly and i was like what the hell is he shoting at, and after soem time i realised that hes shoting at me on position where i was 20s before.,.

Not sure they might have 1 CV there, 50 dev platform with HV. Base doesnt seem like base with 700 turrets. I dont know what to do…realy i feel like whatever you or anyone will think out it wont work.

Elfias i am really starting to be bothered by your attitude, your constant yelling in both teamspeak and negative posts about the game mechanics, its alpha man, if you dont like it, then just leave…

all i hear is complaining, if you lose an sv’s you ragequit for days even when you say you have infinity resources, like what happen on alien planet when my cv damaged your sv, you said some nasty things on chat to me and then quited for several days.

and now you complain about the whole game universe will be an warzone i welcome this so much, this is the world we all been waiting for, no more pve carebears…

The joy of the game is that you can lose it all, many fail to see that aspect of the game, with all the extra tools rexxus has added for us, we shoulden’t be bothered at all.

Thranir i haven loose SV the time i quit you have to realise that, i left becouse i have 0 fps and i wasnt even able to get near your CV to check whos CV is that.

I dont care about loosing stuff, i care about performance of game. This have to be made clear. You didnt shot me down, you did some dmg to few blocks, but i wasnt able to move, thats why i called you idiot, as i think you had many turrets and also some HVs. WHich made 0 fps.

so because you have an crappy computer you rage at me and saying fuck you etc…

I smell another ping pong game I am absolutely not in the mood for.
I want to have a clean feedback thread about the 4.0 guys.

Just tired of negative feedback, when we get the best universe yet…

I have decent computer…16 GB ram annd so on, its my working tool, playing all other games in high. But you are rtight ill probably stop playing game again until its working.

Btw nice is i think that you are crybaby too, vcrying about credits you loose, crying about you cannot dig etc.

What im doing is trying to find some way how make game playable, if thats 50 dev ships i build 50 dev ships with no HVs on it, and ill play with it.

crybaby? umm me and zappe have had some funny discussions, when you had been so upsets in teamspeak that he even told you to go to bed and chill, not sure who is crying the most…

you take the game to serious!

Sorry Rexx, you right it not belong here. Ill give it more time, delete my post if i can or delete it.

My feedback is that im not sure anymore if its good idea to make all pvp thus spreading notworking part of game everywhere.

Ok thran one more time.

What we both know:
Bringing huge CV on playfield crashes playfield. Example fight for your base on ETS, after 5 min playfield had to be unloaded.
Putting HVs with turrets on CV wont help this.
More cores - worse performance.
More turrets on BA - worse performance.
Rexx puts in more and more limits for playfields to help performance, there are more rules than in real life already.
Rexx made universe smaller as server wasnt able to handle all open fields.

Obvious conclusion: Game has big issues with performance, keeping stuff small helps it. Admins are trying to limit stuff we have to keep server running smoothly.

So now where we have differencies. I had 1 CV about 1200 or how many blocks with 20 turrets maybe. Aproximatly. Thats was all my stuff. All i need to play so i had no more, no more CV cores, and base shared with other ppl.
And then you came in, also experienced player also aware of all above. With CV at which when i was looking at i wasnt even able to turn around.
Are you realy wondering im upset on you?

And this all is strongly related to new universe Rexx created. Of course i like it, its nice idea, and i like pvp playfields too, no more pve carebears, i agree.
All pvp playfields = all ppl trying to build base which is able to defend itself = turrets, many separate bases, many cores.
All bases surrounded by HVs. Every HV = turrets and core.
CVs with docked HVs with another dose of turrets to defend against you excited of offline raiding, no OP.
And so on.

Am i only one who thinks that this will lead to GF x 20?
And yes lag on GF with one SWP base is realy 20s while playfield probably crashed after fight or something as we ended with connection lost. 4 ppl on playfield.

So yes i complain. I see this as problem. And yes im not going to participate on this but thats the smallest problem.
But what pisses me most of all are ppl who are VERY well aware of this as they are experienced players and still not acting the way which can help at least a bit to ease this problem. And yes i consider them idiots.

And no its realy not about what i loose or my resources. Its about selfishness of players which keeps building huge crap in badly working alpha game.

so first thing i dont have an base on ETS, second i only built an cv within the rules, i never promised you or anyone else i would build an small cv that would not even be able to defend from an mosquito attack, when i knew for sure SWP had an big ass cv roaming around the space, why would i intentionally build an base with no defence open for an attack? i had just moved to that alien planet so had no defence at all, so i put my cv there to protect me there while i work on the defence, you came there hovering around the ship and then cried in chat, saying “Fuck you thranir, fucking idiot” for what? when swp has the same shit but 10x worse, i dont see you saying those words to them, if someone deserves jail time it is you, when you cant control yourself in an freaking game!

and i coulden’t careless if someone else lags if i use it, since i dont lag at all.
i dont play a fair game here, evryone knows that about me for months now, so why would you think i changed?
what you did that really was the lowest point, me and zappe had an long talk afterwards, i was wondering which braincell you lost, but let me tell you this, i am done being allies with you and your faction, i wont show anyone mercy no more, i been to nice and i get just shit back, so prepare to get stomped.

omg Thran so ETN who cares…

And for the rest…i just feel sorry for you. And yes, fuck you.