Patch day 1.10 and dates

Hi HWS Community @everyone
today is the day again. It’s Patch Day! <a:CrazyPartyBlob:573135803543453746>
You know what that means… no?
Well, Patch 1.10 is kinda big:

It replaces the Motorbike with a Hoverbike for example. That can’t go over water… don’t ask why.
And it adds a Drone Bay for players that spawns drones for you… turrets are still better though.
Or a lot of new Block shapes.
Anyways, a lots of things that can’t be implemented fully yet without a full wipe.

So I will merge whatever I can and add some new toys in with the next full wipe. In RE at least, for HWS+ I merge stuff in along the way.
The next RE season will start around 15th July if nothing goes wrong and for the full HWS+ release I marked the 7th September as my personal deadline (don’t pin me to it) - otherwise I won’t stop polishing it forever I guess.

1.10 brings also good things though. Snap Points and the Blueprint Collection Tool. Check out the videos I made here (teaser of our new Pyro Construction Set from Ju)
For builders it’s a mind blowing new tool to create POIs / Bases in minutes!

But in case I didn’t mention it: it’s Patch Day! Expect nothing and prepare for everything! :v:
Good luck and have fun

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can’t wait to see the flood of hot fixes coming…


What?! No way that is going to happen…again…and again…and…

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@RexXxuS this new thing, that we must open stuff in techtree before making a bp, is this something you will implement to hws?

i believe it’s hard coded in the game now :frowning:

People cried so much that Eleon added a setting for it. It’s default on and can be turned off.
But since I’m the reason it got added in the first place, I am the one who will definitely keep it on.

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So basicly you are telling players like me to fuck off. Everyone that can not be here for less than 2 months.

not really. it’s easy to get more upgrade points. there is a vendor in the flying city that “sells” them. pentax is the most beneficial.

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I don’t even know what you mean before insulting you.

Hehe, was not ment like that buddy, but for players that are short of time, running arround getting those unlock points, takes to much of the given time before we can finally build a decent ship :confused:

As everything in life it’s important to have a good foundation.
And the foundation here is that an exploit got fixed.
Everyone who turns this setting off is basically allowing exploits.

Now, with this cleared, you have:

  • HWS Connect Skill Tree that gives you Unlock Point (no other server has this). I will increase the given UP gain even
  • Patrons get 10k UP
  • You can buy 10k UP
  • You have RE UP missions and get even more in upcoming HWS+ missions
  • I plan to allow to convert PvPTokens to UP
  • I plan to add UP as “item” (Token) you can get from Stargate Missions or Bosses, you can convert into UP at EGS HQ/T.E.A.M. or so

This is the way.