Patreon benefits are useless

Ok, this is overexaggerated, but these benefits are just “a bit helpful” but not “a must”.

What is “a must” ? Certainly the support level “HWS supporter”, where you get elemental bank and OCD to level 3. 3 is the minimum to make the OCD any useful.
Another “must” is certainly OCD level 5. This ensures, that you can “survive” the wipe every 3 month. Or at least your ressources survive.

Another “must” for me is the “OAM level 10” package. This really limits the grind. With OAM level 1 you just get 30 iron or something per trip to ECC :stuck_out_tongue:

An addition for lazy people is the own OCD zone for the home base. Saves tons of stupid travel time to ECC and back. Also a “must”. If you dont have it you will have to haul all the stuff from your homebase to ECC and vice versa.

Some patreon package should contain “global OCD access”.

i highly recommend u do a bit of reading before suggesting any changes. there is a patron level that gives OCD anywhere access as well as the other origin benefits. more information on Patreon benefits here:

The engineer has a “global recycle” recycle thing even without Patreon too! You should consider a Supergate as well. Instead of worry about OCD - why not have a SG you use to go straight to ECC if you wanted? It’s a good way to support server with a nice QoL in my opinon ^.^

Well, your information is…ehh… lets say “below optimum level” :stuck_out_tongue:
The fighter origin OCD access is worthless, as you have to pay for it+you can not put into, but just pull out.
The “automatic interest rate” collection is nice for lazy people.
The discovery bonus ? Depends on the amount of gold that you receive for discoveries.
EGS recycle gobally from level 1 ? Nice nice, its just that level 1 is useless :stuck_out_tongue: I used EGS recycle a lot in the good old times to scrap my star fleets. So i perfectly know what i am talking about.

  • Dealer: Get the daily interest automatically delivered to you without the need to visit the EGS HQ in ECC
  • Fighter: Ability to use the OCD globally to get your items from (for putting items in it you need to be in an OCD zone). Fees still apply outside of an OCD Zone.
  • Explorer: Discovery Bonus. For each unvisited playfield you discover you get credits (on HWS+ also Origin XP).
  • Engineer: You can use the EGS Recyle globally from level 1 on.

it’s great that u know how the server “should” be after being gone for 2 years. please continue with ur expertise…

My eternal wisdom is not meant for minor beeings like you :laughing: