Payback for Zentrax (UGN)

A few days ago , I was attacked by members of Ugn . Peaceful merchant as I am, I tried to escape but in vain . I swore revenge and they laughed at me . See how I now laugh!


So it happend that we send some Bounty Hunters for this little Job and we are glad to see that they did their job more then right… :grin:

perhaps post an album on Imgur and then post a link?

And we dont want to forget. Thanks for the great Job

ummm… is that really blackwings base? if so, he just lost all my respect, using freaking crappy designs… jeesh

oh nvm, i guess they were the hunters :stuck_out_tongue:

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UGN Thranir UGN

The pre-owner UGN lived it down a bit. But after the pest control did a good job at cleaning this crackhouse it only needs a little bit fresh color on the wall and its like new.

Nice Job… keep up the good work :wink:

Hehe funny one Thranir :slight_smile:

That job was to do, feel free to ask again anytime ^^