Pc crash when accessing connect app (Report)

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What happened: I am having many crashes when accessing HWS connect in game. For example, i did my first fa:supply of the season, the in game window opened and my pc crashed. This morning I did my first daily loot in the web browser button and again the pc crashes. Have also found that alt tab between the game client and the connect web app can result in a crash.
Player(s) with issue: sacredglade
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): various
Cryo f1 playfield

How can we help you now: not sure there is anything the admin team can do to help, but open to positive suggestions! I am logging this as much to see if others have similar issues as to raise a level of awareness.

Hey @sacredglade

that is very weird and worried… from our side nothing changed I can tell.
Only Alpha 7.5 and what I’ve heard lately the new Windows update can cause problems.

I don’t know why, really. Will investigate. Thanks for the report.

If you have more repro steps or hints, please let us know

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