PDA is misleading


Just thought you should know the PDA is misleading for the Lawless faction, and contradicts what’s on the site (which is more accepted by most). The PDA paints lawless to be an “orientation” faction, kinda like a tutorial and/or just casual players. It is assumed they’ll be treated fairly with other players based on the story (as in not being preemptively shot at by others). However, the site paints Lawless as being “like alien”, and that if they fly around you should shoot them. This was the old version of lawless back pre-wipe, and I imagine it’s out of date. I presume you want the PDA to be more accurate, but other media needs to reflect that information.

Hey Fenra,

thanks for pointing this out. As I said I will keep the PDA updated as soon as possible. Lastly I were very busy with other stuff.
We have a complete rebalance of the faction in mind anyways. The gameplay will be changed a lot! Just needs some time.
For now Lawless are not like Aliens but just no faction at all. If they act passive they can profit from the “orientation” phase. But as I see many using this faction to just play everything aggressivley.