Peacekeeper 4 moving and future 4.0

Edit: the move on EU is done. Sorry, came late from work. Will do the same on NA with the next restart.

P.S.: The WipeTime is set to 15 days again.

Hey, me again,

so we reaching a critical point now. Things don’t get really better and problems are all well known.
So in 3 hours we moving things a bit around as a first hotfix.

Peacekeeper 4 will be a separate orbit without planets and a new Peacekeeper 5 orbit will contain the 3 planets from the current Peacekeeper 4.
That should stop the lost ships / connection to playfield lost problem for people who just want to go to their PvE planets like Destiny for example.

Anyways it is a hotfix and since the 4.0 patch is far away I started to work on the new universe. You know what that means…

I want to apology to all the frustration and endless discussions here and there. We really trying our best but as you can see we are also frustrated at some points and can’t fix general alpha problems.
So yeah, I teaser some information about the 4.0 progress from time to time again, fetching all the feedback I got already and hope again for the best universe we had.

Your HWS Team

And some people say admins dont care!!

Good job, hope this does reduce the frustration for players living in PvE.

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Will it only be moved or will there be a wipe?

So far only moved. But those going to PK4 will have still their problems… so better think about leaving that orbit a bit.

Thats it, the admins do more then a good job.

Nice, Jascha’s photo. You are also doing good job Whizzle.

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Updated first post

P.S.: The WipeTime is set to 15 days again.

Server wipe or something else ?

WipeTime: 360 # Time after which any player-built structures get removed when not visited (0 = disabled)

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<-- Randomly Active again

No, but if there’s an impending wipe, I’ll be happy to start dismantling :slight_smile:

Rexx i think its time to start anouncing what will wipe include to avoid…well i guess you know what :smiley:

  1. So what will happen to credits and how much credits will players carry in their accounts to the next universe?
  2. What will happend to blueprints?
  3. What will happen to OCD?
  4. What will happen?
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  1. as before: you will keep 250k credits as per default everything above will be gone except you visit the donation page and choose one of the three “Keep X credits after full wipe” packages.

  2. Ready to spawn blueprints or blueprints in production are gone. Your blueprint resources however can be moved from there to your OCD with the “Keep Blueprint Resources after full wipe” package. (make sure to have slots in your OCD. Best combined with the normal donator package).

  3. OCD will stay as it is. No wipe or such. Everything is save there.

  4. The people from the Popcorn Orbit Star System can go crazy and start shooting with their salt turrets to all of us. Lagging us hard from the Earth planet and capture all Popcorn machines (and destroying of course every fast-food restaurant). It is flagged as “Rescue of our little brother” faction mission.

As I said I will announce it soon in a better way. Still long road too go.

Thank you :smiley:

I guess now i should ask what will happen with credits on my account or something like that?

On your account? Credits are only save in your bank. Make sure to do eb:payin:all before

I would suggest not using ‘WipeTime’ as the parameter name as this just makes people think a server wipe is coming.

This is the “YourStuffGetsDeletedIfYouDontVisitItWithinThisManyDays” = 15

Also, is this a global setting or a playfield level setting?

Sorry Rexx i think im trolling a bit :slight_smile: I should start to behave like adult i think. I just miss Empyrion but I cannot last all the bugs any longer :frowning: Terrible situation.

When you were online last time it was still “ok” … but now…Alpha 3.4…xD. Mabye the number stands vor the amount of bugs :expressionless:
But good to hear from you still :wink:

Yes I know i tried on experimental server. You know i honestly so sad about progress of development, i realy loved this game, its something that is not out there yet.
I dont belive Dual Universe or Nomad will work, i think there will be same old space engeniers problems, mostly in multiplayer. Maybe its techology behind this, I play Elite and i can have battle with 4 friends and 30 NPC ships at some warpoint and still no lag but its not voxel but good old 3d models while dmg model is pretty solid and complex.

I wasnt expecting so much trouble as Empy could look like huge galaxy and so but its not, its normal x times y playfield with objects in it, its not something new its something thousand other games did before. Its like any other flying simulator with solid ground and objects capable of colision with each other. Of course you can change playfield, but what is so difficult on “when you leave one playefield at x, y, z put me on other playfield x,y,x with all objects whcih belongs to me”.
Sadly im not coder to understand this fully. How can something get lost, how can ship undock, i dont know. There is CV and all other docked objects simply have coordinates relative to CV pivot, how can those change when you change playfield if i save them and spawn objects on same relative coordinates in new playfield.

My vague knowledge of database is thats table with objects with some properties so when i have one object on Omicron what can happend that somehow i lost this object during transfer to different palyfield.

I dont know im not coder…Who knows, ill wait what future will bring us.