Peacekeeper HQ / server EU

Hi there,
what’s the deal with this planet ? Is it really a 5th faction planet that is not displayed in the rules ?
I landed on the planet just to notice the warning messages and did not have enough time to get out.
Now I’m stuck in orbit without any ship and no other choice than dying…
And my supposedly home ship on trader planet is not proposed as a choice when I die, I’m stuck.

Probably a donator planet. Only the people who are on the list as permitted are able to enter it.

please contant the PKA / PKT faction for getting your ship back.
Go to registry, set your ship over it to public so they can fly it to you.

We will make faction restricted planets more clear in the future. The two purple warnings (1,5 minutes) should be enough to taken serious though…

Hi Haiken,
What is the name of your ship?
I am from PKA. We do have one on our planet. we could bring to orbit for you.
and as rex said there is a worning as you enter orbit.