Penthouse.. now no alien core?


I donated for a penthouse… Last time, when I donate, I didn’t have to put fuel, because every penthouse have alien core…

I was in my penthouse and suddently, it was off… Do we, now, have to put fuel, because with this size of penthouse it will be HUGE! Thank you…

Hey, I’m not sure if the penthouses have alien cores.

You can click P on your penthouse and enter Devices menu, and then search for “Core”.
Then you should be able to tell which type of core it is.
If it’s already an alien core you probably just accidentally pressed Y somewhere :wink:

If it isn’t an alien core you can just manually put one in instead of the original… Unless it’s an admin core, then it should have unlimited fuel anyways though.

it was before with alien core… I’m not sure because it is a donation house that I can put alien core in… we can just paint it so modify the core…

If you can’t modify it, then it has an admin core. That’s basically an indestructible alien core, so you should have unlimited fuel still.
Are you sure you didn’t accidentally press Y on your base?

well… frankly I don’t think so, but I can’t go ingame now and I put some fuel just in case… Maybe someone knows if it is unlimited or not…

If you don’t want to check yourself, you have to go to and fill out the template.
There isn’t enough information here for anyone to give anything but guesses.

But if you check what I asked above you might be able to solve it yourself, but you decide if you want to create a new ticket or not.

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