People from all countries UNITED. Stop blame, cry, hate. READ IT!

Hello all. Like you know i am a veteran of the Empyrion. I played from the game start. I know this game in perfect. Yes this game have tons of bugs and “holes”, so you can use some tricks and etc.

But maybe we all need stop: blame, cry, and hate each other? This is alpha game and devs make what they can. Taclking, glitches and other things. We starts try to stick the bans to each other. Maybe we all need relax and try play and take some fun.
All of you (who have war in the forum) have many hours in HWS - have full OCD. So lets waste it! Come on - lost ship - make new one.

End about exploit. Example. SV combat in the space. SV1 is runing SV2 is catching it. So SV1 go backward and firing by the missiles. SV2 cannon hit the SV1 by missile - the do not fly. But SV1 can hit the SV2. So what we have - SV1 take advantage from a known bug - it is exploit. LOL.!? And what we need to do? Stop ALL fights in the space or BAN 99% of players? PEACE!

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Some do cry but most ppl who do are newbies you will find.
And people who use exploits are not doing the server any good you are better off repeoting every bug and explot you see to the admins rather than using them! then it will always be more fun and a fair fight.
It dosent pay to be a cheeter by using exploitys and braking the server rules!
So people Make this server a Fun place to be.
If you come accorss a bug or something that you should not be able to do ( exploit) then report it so that the admins can report it to the devs and get it fixed.
A fair fight is a fun fight.
Have fun people and play nice!