Permanent ban?

Hey guys,

When XTE left, we went to a couple different servers, dealt with a lot of admin abuse and the group split and went to different games. Due to this I was checking out a few other servers and found I was permanent banbed on HWS.

Last I had known, I left on good terms, even tried to bridge the gap between XTE and the admins here. I am/was not an officer of XTE, so if any further discussion was had I was not informed.

I knew I still needed to serve a day or two in the elemental prison, which I had not done yet, but have not received any word of a perm ban since then.

Any idea what’s up?

Found it:

[quote]Postby RexXxuS » Sat Jul 09, 2016 12:14 pm
09.07.2016 04:43:44 XTE |sNa|maRuxa wrote:
.ill p ush ur shit in till ur eyes turn brown u fucking nazi shit

So Mad Max tell ruxa and your other friends that my patience and friendliness is over. I knew you guys will bitch fight while I’m sleeping but that was next level shit. Have fun on your hacker server. Never be on HWS again![/quote]