Pirate-HQ issues

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What happened:

  1. We got message:
    “Found structures on PVE. No RP received,PVE: Penthouse Bellevue(13223) on Pirate-HQ, Penthouse Trend(13224) on Pirate-HQ, Penthouse HighHalls(13225) on Pirate-HQ”
  2. SuperGate doesn’t work, command “sg:?” shows common info

Player(s) with issue:

OPG faction



Time (cb:time):



  1. Pirate-HQ
  2. Pirate-HQ System

Structure Name(s):

  1. Penthouse Bellevue; Penthouse Trend; Penthouse HighHalls
  2. [Aln] Anti BA Supergate

Structure ID(s):

  1. 13223; 13224; 13225
  2. 20064

How can we help you now:

  1. I believe these penthouses should be added to some sort of exception list and not count as PVE structures and pirates should get their PVP-only RP
  2. Repair the SuperGate

Hello @IceDrugg

Regarding the Penthouses on the HQ planets:
it’s intentional. They do count to the limits and the Pirate HQ planet always counted towards the PvE check.
It’s a decision a Pirate needs to make… either stay easy mode PvE or go full PvP mode.

Regarding Supergates see here:

The HQ Supergates are still not finished. I have something planned something special with them but no time yet.

OK, got it, thanks for the response.

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