Pirate incursions

Tonight I found a SsP pirate docked in trader hub in an SV…This means they possibly have a CV in Neptune system Orbit. I destroyed the SV but keep an eye for that CV guys.

Also I have located a pirate base on Lua. (El faction)

Looks like the rats may be trying to target us more than normal this week. Be careful if passing Lua and keep your eyes open in Neptune…

No smoke without fire and that SV didnt warp there itself!

Coords of Lua pirate base are 1492.6/50.2/1047.6


Base is gone.
FDM sends its regards.


Cookie for you :slight_smile:

Good work fulgrim please let me know of any costs involved and ill make sure the job was worth your while.

We are noobs on this, so now we have to start all over. thank you. Why do everyone hate pirates :frowning: we were just looking for treasure… we werent bad pirates

Ya if you dont want to be hunted, dont choose pirate origin :slight_smile: just saying

At this time Neptune is in a state of high alert. It would pay all pirates to understand this as many traders may be more inclined to open up to protect their assets and trade routes. I would suggest avoiding netunion routes unless your intent is actually hostile.

Just a handful of ammo. Negligible cost, no need for anything

Nothing personal mate, as i said when pickug you up, felt kidna bad but well, work is work…