Pizza, Pizza

So after falling off the Flying City, I found the EGS Pizza Palace. Apparently it was for sale, so I bought it for 5 million credits. I have no real idea what I’m supposed to do with it.

I set the price of a pizza to 1000 credits like the game recommended. I’ve made 5 and 0 sold. I have no idea why. If not for the tips I would have lost money.

I set the salary of a cook to 200 credits per pizza. The game didn’t suggest a salary there, so I have no idea if that’s any good. I don’t see the point in hiring other people though because it’s pretty easy to make the pizzas. Once I scale up harvesting efforts this might change, but I don’t forsee a significant effort. Also, the door to the kitchen is locked and I have to reach the cook terminal from across the counter.

I also collected the cook salary and it didn’t seem to deduct any credits from the company’s credits. You start with 3 million, so you’re 2 million in the hole essentially.

How does “ownership” work anyway? Can anyone else buy their own instance? Are there multiple pizzerias on ECC/elsewhere? Do I have a pizza monopoly?

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Hey, good to hear someone discovered some of the new dialogues :grin:

This is maybe unlucky, maybe not.
Whether your pizzas are sold or not (which is decided instantly when you finalize the pizza), depends on a few things. First of all your restaurants reputation, which will make it more likely. Your pizzas price also have a big influence. Lower price, easier selling. Besides that, a good cook (meaning cooking skill is high) will have a much easier time selling pizzas.
But there is also a randomness factor added, but it’s pretty small.

This is up to you. This is the price other players earn when they cook at your pizzeria.
You can set it to whatever you want. The more you pay other players, the more likely they are to work for you, probably.

Ehh, woops :grimacing: It should be fixed now, maybe.

By hiring other people, you get money by doing nothing :man_shrugging: There’s no disadvantage :wink: You can basically make sure to run the pizzeria, and other players will handle the income for you. Assuming you find some players to work for you.

It should definitely have. I just rechecked code, and I see no reason why it wouldn’t. Also in my personal tests, it worked.

You can always withdraw your company credits, as the manager. Just visit the pizzeria computer, and login as manager.

Only one player can own each pizzeria POI. So, since there at the moment only is one, you’re the lucky owner of the only pizzeria in the HWS Universe :see_no_evil:

Eventually, there will be, but not currently.

Thanks a lot for this post. I can probably improve clarity a few places, regarding the things you commented on. Let me know if you have more questions or feedback, good or bad :slightly_smiling_face:


Well I set the price of a pizza to 800 and I’ve made 4 since and sold all of them. Withdrawing my salary credits from the employee account has no effect on the company credits. Please tell Rex to fix this before the temptation becomes great enough for me to set salary to something absurd and print credits.

Edit: the pizza door is still busted.

I found the issue!
It’s been fixed, for the next server restart. I also moved the option to actually withdraw your salary into the salary menu instead of the statistics menu.
I’m not sure what went through my mind when I decided that was a good idea originally :see_no_evil:

Hmm, weird. I will see what I can do.