PKA is breaking alliance with FST

Due to some actions made by FST players, we are breaking the alliance with FST.

PKA, as a faction, will continue to protect friendly Traders, but we won’t allow outside restrictions of who we can attack. Any origin violating server policy is deemed targetable.

Respect us and we will respect you. Disrespect us and we will use our full force to protect our honor.



What a background. Now we have Guardians who do not respect Traders. OMG.

andreadavies822: hey whats goin gon with you and the pka members?
Aciddemon (FROG): idk, seems they dont like you we re mining glod meteors
andreadavies822: okay t=ive spoken to them and they dont mind sharing a metio
andreadavies822: but
andreadavies822: if there is 2 of you and only 1 of them your faction is then taking most of the metio
andreadavies822: coudl you not share equally?
andreadavies822: aparently your faction are doign this all the time mining in 2’s
Aciddemon (FROG): let me see, you want me to not share?
andreadavies822: im pka too
Aciddemon (FROG): so what
andreadavies822: do you not want to share and be nice?
Aciddemon (FROG): we share, you destroy the meteors
andreadavies822: they wont destroy them if you only have 1 of your members on each metio
Aciddemon (FROG): not my problem dude, im sorry dont want to make any trouble, just harvest a maximum of ore. Destroying a meteor when we are too is purely immature…
andreadavies822: they are doign it as they thik your faction are being greedy with 2 members of your faction on the same emtio as them and they got to it 1st
Aciddemon (FROG): and so what ? I am trader, i rush ressources. %y faction is not greedy, i am
andreadavies822: they are trying to send a message
Aciddemon (FROG): dont agree with it
andreadavies822: they dont like doign it but if you do not act like fair traders then you are goign to cause a major argument and they will end up attackign you and taking out your base
andreadavies822: this is your 1st warning
Aciddemon (FROG): im not the leader, you should speak with our leader, hope it’s a joke dude
andreadavies822: who is the leader?
andreadavies822: is he on line?
Aciddemon (FROG): silmerias
Aciddemon (FROG): and no
andreadavies822: then you have to stop this behaviour untill i can speek to him and i will get pka to stop too
andreadavies822: if pka are mining a metio leave them alone as well as the metior
andreadavies822: and they will do the same for you
Aciddemon (FROG): ok we ll see, nothing wrong, just harvest like hell
Aciddemon (FROG): i mining where i want, some factions can make buried core and buried turrets, so i mine everything i want
andreadavies822: yes but if pka are allready mining the metio plz leave it and go else where
Aciddemon (FROG): ok so stop building on Armageddon and destroy 12 structures, so the planet will be viable again
Aciddemon (FROG): so ?
Aciddemon (FROG): dont have answer ?
andreadavies822: okay if you have that oppinin then i am sorry but we are there to protect our alliances like you traders
Aciddemon (FROG): what is your answer ?
Aciddemon (FROG): did we make a deal?
andreadavies822: so that is the reason we have build so much if you dont want our protection dont alliance with us and get taken out by us
Aciddemon (FROG): im not a officer, but i think they dont gonna like the threat you did…This converstion is record
Aciddemon (FROG): recorded*
andreadavies822: so is mine
Aciddemon (FROG): great
andreadavies822: we have an alliance discord chat wheer all our allainces can read
andreadavies822: this has been pasted there
Aciddemon (FROG): alright
Aciddemon (FROG): hope you dont have to sleep this night
Aciddemon (FROG): because i am awake all the night, gl
andreadavies822: i am telling you liek it is we are gaurdiens and our job is to protect traders hence why your base is close to ours to help you protect it
Aciddemon (FROG): and then you threatened us, which kind of gurdians are you, do you know who we are ?
andreadavies822: i am not threating you
andreadavies822: im telling you that you are causing an argument
Aciddemon (FROG): you said 1st warning
andreadavies822: by being greedy with the metios
Aciddemon (FROG): you said : hey will end up attackign you and taking out your base
Aciddemon (FROG): it s threat
andreadavies822: that is if you cause an argument by carring on with your greedy behaviour and causing an argument
andreadavies822: you will destroy the alliance by doign what your doign
Aciddemon (FROG): anyway, threat are recorded, remember option 4
andreadavies822: and what is option 4?
Aciddemon (FROG): you are gurdian ?
andreadavies822: yes and so far we are doign a good job protection our alliances
andreadavies822: but if you steel from us then this will cause an argument as you having 2 players of your faction on 1 metio to one of us then that is what you are doign
Aciddemon (FROG): ok so guardians have to keep safe traders, it s the job right ? Traders make harvesting, point.
andreadavies822: and you have to be fair
Aciddemon (FROG): im fair as you are with your thousands of structures…
andreadavies822: us guardiens also need it lol how do you think we build our pvp cv ect to help protect you
Aciddemon (FROG): not my fault
andreadavies822: yes it protect you if you dont like it move out of pvp
Aciddemon (FROG): you protect us from pve threats? man…
andreadavies822: theer are no pve threats if you are fair and not greedy!
andreadavies822: liek i said
andreadavies822: if you get to a meto 1st pkla will leve you alone
andreadavies822: and you must do the same for them
Aciddemon (FROG): stop repeting this
Aciddemon (FROG): you said it like 20 times
andreadavies822: if we are there to protect you why are you bothered with the structres
Aciddemon (FROG): you re not protecting us ! We protect ourselves
andreadavies822: and if we are protecting you then we do it for free unless you want us to start charging you and then reduce our structures?
andreadavies822: if you can protect your self then why are you traders traders dont normally pvp
Aciddemon (FROG): we are traders, we re doing pve/pvp, BECAUSE we can protect ourselves
andreadavies822: we protect your base during pvp!
andreadavies822: why do you think your base is still there?
Aciddemon (FROG): ahahaha, you should speak with our leader when he will be connect
andreadavies822: so q is are you goign to stop your behaviour?
Aciddemon (FROG): told you when armageddon will not lag anymore coz of you, we will
Aciddemon (FROG): 50/50
Aciddemon (FROG): i make step, do it too
andreadavies822: that will get sorted on friday as theer has been a restriction change
Aciddemon (FROG): ok, so we will stop friday
andreadavies822: that is not being a nice trader at all more like a piret trader stop this childish behaviour grow up and be nice
Aciddemon (FROG): dont say child, you are destroying gold meteor, dude so ridiculous
andreadavies822: wrong its a case of it you do not shre 50/5- then no one will have any
andreadavies822: hence being childish
Aciddemon (FROG): as you want, i have all night
andreadavies822: this is like talkign to my kids for god sake if you can not shre then no one will have anythinbg
Aciddemon (FROG): you scared me so much dude, who do you think you are ?
andreadavies822: admin of pka! and a MUM
andreadavies822: grow up and be nice and shre 50/50 or nothing till i speek to your faction leader/parent and we can nort this ouyt
Aciddemon (FROG): and so what, i have to get on my knees ? You just dreaming FST dont act like that, at least i dont act like that
andreadavies822: you do if you are waiting till fri
andreadavies822: to change your behaviour
Aciddemon (FROG): stop thinking you have some of authority on me dude
andreadavies822: this will be taken up to your faction leader pka not happy with you. conversation over! i really hope it dosent un allai you with us
Aciddemon (FROG): alright
Aciddemon (FROG): GL to destroy gold meteors
andreadavies822: goodluck i tried to be nice but you make it so hard i will not be on when the disscussion with your faction leder takes place but im feel really sorry for you if its one of the guys other than gareth or spacern
Aciddemon (FROG): gonna make a post on our forum to explain you poor behaviour of " They drill faster we drill, let s destroy so no one will harvest"
Aciddemon (FROG): good night$
Aciddemon (FROG): sorry for calling you “dude” i just realized you re a girl. This the only thing i can apologize about cause im french. Good night lad
andreadavies822: a lad is a boy!
andreadavies822: lol and no worries
Aciddemon (FROG): sorry for it means “mademoiselle”
Aciddemon (FROG): for me*
andreadavies822: plases let me know when you have put this into the forum as all of pka will probaly want to have there say about it
andreadavies822: thankyou and i hope you sleep well
Aciddemon (FROG): it s posted on FST forum

On Wednesday 22 around 10PM, my members were on Armageddon farming the gold minerals. And one of them told me there were a PKA member mining his asteroid for the second time. He asked me if it was normal, I said no, not really, but PKA are our allies so let’s see what happens. This PKA member did it again and again came farming the asteroids of my member. So I said : Maybe it’s a normal behavior to them, and sharing is clearly not an issue after all, so in this condition, we will do the same.

Yesterday 26, my guys were again in Armageddon but instead of locking one asteroid by members they were just sharing it. PKA on the planet thought they were abused so they started to destroy asteroids instead of contacting us ?

Remember the last time we thought PKA were abusing we in fact accepted it because we are allied.

Right now is no mining rules on Armageddon and if you thought that we should have some, because of a friendly perspective, you should have contacted us in the first place. Which you didn’t.

And then ‘Andrea’ came and asked my member to nicely share pretending my members behavior wasn’t polite and threating FST of shooting and breaking the alliance between us. What a behavior… not really appropriate for a guardian background perspective, don’t you think ?

Allies don’t act like this, if you want to be friendly then start to behave as friends.

So tell me, are we the bad guys ? Or your corporation did fucked up at some point about our relation ?

I’m all ears.

I contacted you today Andrea told me we will talk to sort the issue and now you guys break the alliance ? Look at you PKA, I only can just facepalm. Your arrogance will loose you.

Also, what server rules did we break ? No evidences ?

Good luck, you made a terrible mistake by threating us.

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So this is because someone shared your gold met? Which happens… like… always?

Well, good job guys. Huge mistake, remember option 4…
Wisemean738, i gave you my word.

Seeing a young love end always makes me sad. I really thought PKA and FST are a good match.

Maybe your relationship was based on the wrong premisses, I don’t know.
Too bad, just give me a call if you decide to try some couples counceling, I’d be happy to support you in this tough times.

Your friendly neighbourhood pirate


summon popcorn :fries: + :beer:

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Silmaria, dont know who have said youre faction were braking any rules…The issue is simple tho, one of our guys is mining a gold meteor, swarm of your guys come in and eat up the meteor in no time leaving our players with almost nothing. If this was just a few occurances, no problem, but it happened repeatedly. No server rules broken here, no-one from us have said so but common sence and a little politness goes a long way. We could easily done the same thing but we are just not that of a kind. Andrea tried to bring this up with your guys but those negoations did not go well. Just got rudness and no understanding back, like we are traders and dont care. We tried to solve it…sorry it did*nt work…

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So you guys are too new in a game to understand what diplomacy means right ?

Let me enlighten you, one word resume it : TALK.

I came to discord to talk and sort the issue which is what normal people do, but no one was available to talk. Then right after, without having us in contact your call is to break the alliance ? How smart it was. Unfortunately for PKA we aren’t the kind of corporation you can threat like this. All of this will have impacts trust me.

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Alex, you got some more popcorn?


Yes! things where getting boring with all the big factions being allies and the rest afk/rage quit I think this is good for the game to get some nice pvp again :smiley: so doesn’t matter that its over petty mining depute :stuck_out_tongue:

Goons your going down :]


Well as we are loyal allies to PKA we shall revoke our alliance as well. Its good to have some pvp again !

See you on battlefield !


Wait… PKA talking about politness when you make a whole planet sector awfully laggy for every player of this server and don’t even consider removing some structures when we ask you ?

Is this a joke Loke ? :smiley:

i like this, Bersi give me some popcorn.


Here, take some. If you need more salt, I’d recommend some PKA or FST tears :joy:


FST tears are so sweet. they can cry so nice


i thought PKA are tough Ladies and never cry public but seems like i was wrong


For the record… The first (cut) sentence is “PKA, pls remove some structures on Armagedon, the lagging here is just aweful” :

It’s like there is not a single touch of logic with you guys. You’re guardians, meaning you’re the good good guys who protect the less good guys against the pirates.

But yesterday, i did not expect a member from your clan to come up in the chat, put a revolver right on the head of the whole FST clan and sayin’ something that sounded like “Our protection has a price. Be nice with us guys or we’ll gonna destroy your base and your ships”.

For god sake, are you really the good guys on this server ? I mean, if anyone thinks we are (and will be) the only ones to suffer from this kind of behaviour, he’s completely mistaking.

I see no guardians here, just a bunch of gangsters who are protecting their hegemony.

Hm, pay, after seeing all that PKA crying basically everywhere on the forum, even when they managed to kill one of our bases, you can’t be serious, can you? :slight_smile:
But the remaining question still is: who will cry harder, PKA or FST? It’s really impossible to say, both have shown incredible crying skills so far, both parties are experts and have shown their dedication when it comes to crying over and over.
Will be an interesting ‘fight’ :kissing_heart: