PKA Vs Thranir

So The PKA decided to take on the one and only Thranir…
The outcome of the fight was as expected with the viking blood of Thranirum.
I say GG to PKA was fun, i think we both get some new experience from this :slight_smile:
But raiding on Christmas Eve is a bit rude, its meant to be an peaceful day of drinks and laughs.

The Aftermath…

Well it was realy fun Thran… :slight_smile:

GG Thran :smiley:

damn you BUILD bases thran :P, if we could sit at a bar and have a drink on empyrion; it would be cool, but hey, its the game ;-).

If we knew it was your base, would have re-considered attacking xD.

All good though mate,
Have a good christmas Thran

Yet again PKA tried with full force to break the mighty Thranir…
But this time they went underground aswell! multitasking for Thranir has never been a problem!
Some people never learn…
Losses for me was 1 halv damaged tower.
For them 5+ cv’s 15+ hv’s and not sure how many sv’s but there was alot.

Still it was alot of fun.
See you soon