Placing alien dancer on any base then killing dancer will void entire base and anything docked to it

Mode: Survival - Dedicated Server
Location: (Aura)
Localized: (Are you the only person having this issue?) No


Reproducibility: (Always, any online server where you have build rights on.)
Severity: (Major)

Summary: This is merely an exploit and could bring havoc to most online servers. I should have msged Jascha or Rexus directly rather than making this public.

Description: Placing an alien crew dancer on your base, then shooting alien with a gun, voids the entire Base along with anything else attached (docked) to it.

Steps to Reproduce: Go into creative, make a BP with Alien Crews, Concrete statues and anything else you want to bring over legit in the survival world. Go into any online server (or create your own dedicated server), spawn in your blueprint. Use a Multi Tool to get the npcs in your inventory. Go to any base that you have access to build on. Place down dancing alien, shoot with gun and watch everything vanish. When looking in the EAH Tool you will see the base and everything attached (docked) to it is marked inactive and shows “Deleted”.

My main post is here

Update: This bug is vanilla and I am sorry. Delete this thread please.

Dancing is forbidden. Dancing has always been forbidden.

Sounds like an Eleon bug, I would say go post it to their forums.


lol @ video! Please check “My main post is here” url. They referred me to here as this is an EAH Tool issue.


sorry. But that has nothing at all to do with EAH. Not even in the slightest way.
Not sure who can come to that conclusion. :frowning:

Yeah this is a result of a post over at eleon in which eleon did not even answer to and is also now closed after 1 other random player suggested it might be an EAH issue… Some one needs to tell pantera or hummel to reopen that thread or at least make a post on it.

It is clearly an eleon related bug, and not an exploit, though potentially exploitable with what has been suggested so far.
No evidence on this earth to suggest EAH has anything to do with it apart from a random guy suggesting it…

If this problem takes place when you run a server without using the EAH in background. then it is an eleon bug.
If you run a server with EAH and only then see this issue, this is what we need to know as then it may show that the issue is EAH related.

I still don’t understand any possible way that EAH will remove a base if there is a dancer on it who takes a bullet.
EAH It is not part of the game code, it is a tool that uses admin permission to manage players and structure limits and such.

Please show us empirical data showing how this issue is caused by EAH else your posts in all forums are useless.

So far all you have shown is that EAH logs the event.

Huge correction and apology. This DOES happen in a vanilla dedicated.cmd server without EAH Tool. So sorry for any confusion as I ran multiple tests. I made Fresh saves for both tests, however i wiped server and client cache now it happens in vanilla!

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but technically EAH has no way of doing anything concerning this issue. Just not possible.
It is a game bug.
Exploit? I wouldn’t say, cause who can spawn an NPC in a enemy base? No player, so no issue here. Just a bug.