Player display and chat do not go

Hi ,

Can someone help me, I can not get any further.

No players will be shown, the chat will not work) -:

Server is at 10.5.0

EAH V01.47.5.0 (17.0 KB)


please check this suggestion: EAH Starts server but has no feedback

Have it checked it is all ok with it.

Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Empyrion - Dedicated Server \ DedicatedServer \ EmpyrionDedicated_Data \ Managed … Should the folder be empty? wants there are. dll deitein thien

Hey I think the error might be a different one.
Can you check if in the mod folder there is a EPM_Info.yaml?
If not, can you copy it from the EAH folder and then restart the server?

It is OK . THANK YOU for the good help