Player drill under base for stole in

1 have probleme with player khamsatd
he have stole any itme in my base after
he have drill under my base
and to night at 19h at my connection i see hover of Bor team drill under my base and any wall of my base down

i have screen and video of this

thanks for action

Interesting… Griefing protection should have prevented that from working. Only thing that should be possible is blasting. Unless your base was cored or set to public…

or if drill enough, core of base down i have wall under entrance destroy

I think you are not understanding. They cannot drill in the first place, unless your core is already gone. If they blasted to it, thatd be another thing. This is pve correct? looks like starter

i m on trader starter and my core of base is good
base on private screen if you want.

and they have drill many and one wall fall
i take screen

First of all: why they did it?
I don’t think they waste for no reason their time or try to catch a punishment without a reason?

Actually in PvE they can as I see…

Our settings are:

MaxStructures: 220           # Max number of structures per playfield (limit = 255, reduce on performance problems)
AntiGriefDistance: 70        # Distance (in m) around a faction's base where no other faction's base can be built
AntiGriefZone: PvP           # Zone where the AntiGriefDistance is valid (All, PvP, PvE)
AntiGriefOresDistance: 7    # Distance (in m) around ore deposits where no other faction's base can be built
AntiGriefOresZone: PvE       # Zone where the AntiGriefOresDistance is valid (All, PvP, PvE)

So it is not inclusive. Hmm but since blasting is still possible I can set the AGZ to All I guess.
Again I thought that it would be cool for players to build near each other but these examples show me my naivety

Hmm. Did not know that. Good to know.
Guess I don’t spend enough time in pve.

buil near other player is good things but for 1 or 2 players it not possible after

Players are in prison for griefing without reason (also starter returners) for some days.