Player file edit issue

I am new to running an Empyrion server and I am using the Empadminhelper program to do it. My experience is in many many Minecraft servers.

I have run into some problems getting everything in EAH to work and I am hoping you can help. The issues are:

1 - when I try to edit a player file by right clicking on them and choosing edit a warning says it can’t find the file but I can see it in the folder. This happens for all players.

2 - no structures are listed when I try to look up a structure list

3 - while I was able to set a profile in EAH using my Steam id I cannot give someone admin in the game. I have tried using the role fintion and also using the cmd line but it does not work. If I try to do it in game I get auto banned (even though I have autoban turned off on the server)

4 - might be linked to the admin issue but I can find a way to instant complete a blueprint for a player. I had someone have an unfortunate incident leave him with half a base and half a ship. I want to give him those back.

I had already started the server when I started using EAH but it was just me then and I only played one day at that point. I can’t imagine that would be an issue but since it could be applicable I wanted to mention it

5 - I have also noticed that no changes I make to the game options actually work. The setting sticks (as in it still shows my choice when I go back in later) but it doesn’t reflect in game. The two I did that I really would like to stick are POI regen and turning off Drone strikes.

Also sorry if I put this in the wrong place. I didn’t see a support area until later and it don’t appear to have the ability to move it without double posting at this point.

Hi, you’re in the right place, but there’s probably not much help to come for here anymore unfortunately, since Jascha isn’t here anymore.

My best guest would be try try a fresh game with EAH. I don’t know if that will actually help though.
Otherwise try searching through this section in the forum and see if you can find similar posts that may have the solution to your problem (and yes, it sounds like it’s 1 issue causing everything on your side).