Player is located on another server

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What happened:
when I tried to go to the EU server via CWS I flew out of the game. Loaded in space CWS without a ship and equipment, died, quick start on NA, returned to base, but with commands like cb:gohome, the answer is a player on another server, the same thing in space cws/
Player(s) with issue:
Time (cb:time):
Structure Name(s):
Structure ID(s):
How can we help you now:

  1. You go to csw space, use the command to “warp” another server and the server you are on kicks you out.
  2. You log on to another server, not the one you were when you went to csw space and used the command. If you start on na and csw to eu, when you get kicked from the na server you next log in to eu server.
  3. You start another “character” if you have not used csw before, then just wait when your at the game. Game warps you to csw space next to your ship. You might need to use the cb:startjobs command on chat.
  4. You start using your ship as u used to and fly where ever you want.

Hi @Nicon

you can’t just use CSW without reading the Guide.

If you want to fix your issue, login to the HWS EU server and do a CSW back to NA.
But it would overwrite your progress you had until now.

It’s really important you read the link above.

However, if you accept your fate you are in now, I allowed the chat commands on NA for you now.

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