Player kill board SEASON 8 - (WEEK 8 UPDATED)

One of interesting innovations that RexXxus introduced to HWS connect is the player kill board (league table).

For some players the competition to top the table in their respective server is motivation for playing on HWS on its own. (It is just one of many ways to enjoy your unique HWS experience).

When you log in to the HWS connect app, before you select your server (N.A. or EU), scroll down to see the current leader board standings for both servers. I have just taken a screen shot of the top 3 …

Even if you are not into the PVP side of the game, it is probably worth taking note of the names featuring on your server, so you know who to run from! Of course perhaps you see yourself as a lawless bandit, or professional bounty hunter and aim to see your prowess recognised on the player killed board?

For those vets of HWS, you will be very familiar with some of the names on the board, as there are players who are picking up where they left off last season…

Anyway, good luck to all who are fighting to top the leader board - and for everyone else, make a note of these names, as they may be after YOU!

For those interested in last season’s final standings visit this thread Player kill board - who WAS be the best this season? (SEASON END UPDATE)


Scoreboard means jackS. People can abuse and get #1 real easy.

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:joy: i think some of the high scorers from last season might disagree!

@Daddystu, @Solid_Snake, @Aerdred, @Vandruis …?

I’d like to think that none of those on the board abused it in any way. Sure some ‘douchebaggery’ as Aerdred called it :slight_smile: but nothing else.


Week 2 update

N.A. Server

Early in the season and @Solid_Snake is off to a flying start! @Remove is a name that didn’t feature on last seasons kill board, great to see new names in the top three. @Broxa however is a name well known last season and doing well now…

@Tripwire, @Crewmember123, @Kittiez, Ucka Bucks, FoxAtal @Indica and @Seijuro_Heikuro are also in the early running…

But this season is very young and all can change, with plenty of time for new players to challenge for the top spot, this is a season long race not a short sprint!


Week 2 update

E.U. Server

Early in the season and @Daddystu has climbed to the top of the table, with pok and @aeonbug completing the top

@Aerdred, @jedimaster, @HendonSwift, @John_Olin, @Russifikator, @RemMak are also in the early running… (I could not type on my keyboard the player in position 9 - so perhaps someone could give him a callout/mention?)

But this season is very young and all can change, with plenty of time for new players to challenge for the top spot, this is a season long race not a short sprint


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OK sorry, but this is a little later than I would normally post…:roll_eyes:

I have noticed, as I am sure others have also, that the leader boards are very close between the two servers this season (so far).

For that reason I have a side by side screen shot to post:

I am going to see if I can match up the HWS app names to in game names, so that I can report on the impact of those in large factions, small factions or notorious individuals. I think this may provide interesting insight, particularly to new players to the server. But if you are reading this, are on the kill board currently and are part of a faction - could you post the faction and its number of members? This would help my personal project greatly :wink:.


NA Server

@Solid_Snake is still topping the table (across both servers in fact!) - though the player tag name keeps changing!

Broxa climbs up to the second place (are you a forum user? I cannot find your tag)

@Remove drops one to 3rd place.

@Tripwire, @Kittiez, @Crewmember123, Ucka Bucka all increased their player kill count totals

@Ranzeth, Hord_slayer and are new entrants to the leader board

@Indica and @Seijuro_Heikuro have both dropped out of the top ten

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EU Server

@Daddystu still top of the pile! With @anon76082228 and @aeonbug maintaining 2nd and 3rd place respectively

@Russifikator and @John_Olin have both made great progress and could be challenging for a top 3 spot soon…

@A.F.T and @Paxxo1985 are new entries to the player kill board

@Aerdred, @jedimaster have both increased their kill counts since last report

RemMak and one other (can’t reproduce the font!) have dropped out of the top 10.



ABN Currently holds the top 5 spots for NA as well as spot #7.
OP4 is holding spots 6 and 8.
Ranzeth (spot 9) is a part of ACP
and while I’ve seen FoxAtal on both leaderboards at one point, i don’t recall what faction he’s apart of or which region he plays in predominantly.

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Thank you very much :grinning:

I made a mistake, Tripewire is actually a part of TCB!

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Week 6 Update!

EU Server

Well no change at the top in the last 2 weeks. @Daddystu @anon76082228 and @aeonbug still leading the way.

But the pack are getting closer!

@John_Olin and @Russifikator are just a few kills away…

@Jotunheim is making huge gains

@Aerdred and @Jed have dropped

@CHAR and @Paxxo1985 have 're entered the top 10 leaving RemMak and one other dropping out off the top 10…


NA Server

Ok @Solid_Snake is now pulling away from the pack! But @Remove has leaped over @Broxa into 2nd place.

@Tripwire and @Kittiez retain the 4th and 5th places.

PFC J,Hammer and 420inc Space ranger follow - but are these new entries of players who have renamed themselves? @Crewmember123? & Horde_Slayer?

Ucka Bucka has dropped one place.

@BigRed and Calolim have entered the top ten…

… and @Ranzeth & FoxAtal have dropped off the leaderboard.

Will anyone challenge the top 3 this season?


Week 8 Updates!

EU Server

Well no change in the top 3 positions in the last 2 weeks - Still @Daddystu, @anon76082228 and @aeonbug.

However @CHAR has climbed rapidly and is now in touching distance of the top 3

@John_Olin, @Russifikator, jotunheim, @Paxxo1985 @Aerdred are all still fighting for the mid table positions

@jedimaster has dropped out of the top ten and Втиратель Дичи has re-entered


NA Server

Wow @Solid_Snake (Piliskin) has built up a huge lead! With @Remove and @Broxa maintaining their 2 and 3 places.

@Tripwire @Kittiez @Calo @BigRed SSg J.Hammer and 420inc_Space Ranger are fighting over the mid table spots…

Ucka Buka has dropped out and @Ranzeth has re entered.


much slower on EU than last season - I’ve had a total of 17 days holiday recently and was hoping to get toppled :frowning: Could be the new 5 kills then guilty rule stopping ppl killing?

Ill sell my body for 100,000 per kill

IN Gold bars