Player nickname over head

I would like to see nicknames above the players. It is almost impossible to aim at moving player for see his nickname. It’s probably easier to open the map and look at the player’s mark there.

Why was this disabled?
Can this be somehow turned on again?
Is this configured in the server config?

I think you’d want to post this on eleon forum and not HWS?

I do want player names over heads again though. That makes a lot of stuff easier.

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Yes , that could be handy, but please no , As a pirate i would not be able to hide in a bush with my minigun while you land on a pvp planet , i mean it would destroy pvp fps .
So to my opinion handy at pve worlds but gamebreaking at pvp worlds .

But anyone can see your mark on minimap anyway.
Even so, in my opinion, tags should be visible for visible players. May be with a distance limit.

Real pirates dont hide in bush. :grin:

most fps games have no issues with a name popping up on the hud when ur crosshairs are on a player. im am all for this. should help a lot in pvp to avoid that not so friendly fire :wink:

I agree that the playername should pop up when you aim at a player , witch dos happen in game when you do , and yes i think the aim could have a bigger sensor space , but i do not think it is possible to do as it works on the player hitboxes . I would not like to see player names pop up al around me all the time , except for maybe pve .
Hmmm, Dick Turpin the bushrobber had great success with hiding in a bush :upside_down_face:

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it will be nice …in the lunet hud but not alltime
friendly fire ? irl did you have a pop up name on friend ? :smiley: ahah
as we cannot recognize with skin , of course name pop up when you’re near it and aim at it will be nice :stuck_out_tongue: