Player NPC traders

Pretty disappointed here. I’ve asked multiple times on different occasions on both NA and EU and not a single person knows or is unwilling to briefly tell me where these vendors are or how they work. I have gone to the NPC mall and the only things I can find are traders selling me canned food. What am I missing?

Edit: Testing the CB command. Yep even after going to the mall and the color specific vendor I went the tn:buy command does not work, it states i need to visit a trader zone.

Forum search. Its a beautiful thing.

Its also mentioned a few places that it is not implemented yet.

I actually did do a forum search but it didn’t net me any relevant explanations posted within the last few months. I was told by someone in no uncertain terms that they were able to buy from those vendors so fuck that person.

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ya I unno. I do know that in 5.x they had some issues with trader zones, because if the structure got bumped, it was hard to guess what area you were SUPPOSED to be in. But honestly Ive bought like 3 npc trader packs ever, and that was all in one day.

On searches though, try advanced. What I did was search for posts by rexxxus, with word npc trader, sort by latest posted

Thanks for the “advanced” search:tip - I have never even looked at this before - so much extra functionality!

Even before the wipe, theres food vendors on the planet that sell pizza and fries, there like 6 gun vendors. Auto-miner and auto-core vendor, hospital have medical goods vendor.
You aren’t searching.

Those are not NPC player vendors Incase you are wondering…

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