Player using hacks to shoot out of range, and to blow up/delete bases

Player Mujahaderp is potentially using hacks to destroy our bases way out of range. He is able to shoot at our base and destroy absolutely everything from a ridicilious distance.
Last night my faction friend was online when suddenly he heard explosions. He had a lot already in his small base.

The base went from being full, to empty (apart from a parked sv) in seconds. it had pretty much immediately been wiped out.

My friend then went outside and opened up his map interface to try and have a look at what was happening and who was shooting him.
As you can see, there is clearly no one anywhere near close to our base. It wasn’t until my friend tried to investigate further what was going on that he managed to get close enough to see the player, and as you can see, he is clearly too far away in comparison to the weapons ranges.

The day before, this player was doing the exact same thing, however was also glitching around the map to disappear and the reappear at a different location immediately. Unfortunatly, we were not recording our game at this time so do not have screen shots of this.

Please help

Many thanks

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/8/8bdba92461df28eabfc5a567158a430ebdac821d.png" width=“6

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He is probably sniping and may also have no center. Both are allowed tactics. Unless of course he actually cheated but I know that lag can cause other players to literally teleport around including their ships. And then there are the infamous lag-shots that (at least partially) ignore armor. But it is possible that he cheated.

Please post here if you are convinced it was a crime:

Tip: if you PVP, ALWAYS record. You are gonna need it sooner or later in this game.