Players' Event for NA Server! Chainsaw Tournament ~~~~~

Wanna do some real PVP without lagging or having to fight against 20 SV’s by yourself?

Come to our first PVP event!!! The Chainsaw Tournament~~~~~

This tournament is sponsored by faction Miners United Trader (MUT) and there will be rewards for everyone for participating!!!

As the name suggested, in this tournament, you will “chainsaw” your opponent to death in a 1v1 match :slight_smile: Please see screenshot for more detailed rules and rewards :slight_smile:

This event is meant to bring some fun over to everyone, please respect the event and not pirate or camp the orbit of the tournament’s arena :slight_smile:

Come and join us! If no one else is participate, you will be the lucky one to win all the rewards!

Please sign up by responding to this thread or just IM me here or in game (if I’m online).

Thank you guys!


I’m down for this :3

Can we have this event again? :frowning: I missed it.

Organize one for the eu server and ill sponser both na and eu. With gold ore. Figure 10-15 stacks i can donate. Have to xfer the gold to na. Ocd? Not sure never transferred.

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