Playfeild Dantooine keeps crashing



======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Play field keeps crashing
Player(s) with issue: Big Red, Dorphine, F_U BRUCY27, Karuoxa, Relayer, Chief Engineer, Shojis, Blind Cat, Ezze.
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): since 5pm 03/12/18 and still happening at 17.00 today
Playfield: Dantooine
Structure Name(s): Whole playfield
Structure ID(s): Whole playfield
How can we help you now: We have a number of players disconnecting and unable to move on the playfield. It seems to be that when a player is in and around the coordinates 3058, 844 it crashes the playfield disconnecting all on it. We have all cleared our cache, I can confirm all players have over 16GB of ram, we have tested the play field after a restart and it still crashes. Since this happened a few days ago we have cleared the playfield of many cores and de-clustered what we have.




same thing i got 9 times or so



So the planet itself is not the issue (again).

I don’t know which structure of you is causing this guys, but it’s obvious there is something wrong once the DSL for that structure starts to kick in.

My hope is that you can do a try-and-error one-structure-after-the-other until you find the culprit.

If you have other suggestions like wiping the planet or teleporting you/Stuff elsewhere, please let us know.


If you get a free moment can you move ship 36468131 to coordinates 1526, 1948 on Dantooine please.


I tried my best. Warped it there.


Today Big Red and I spent considerable time trying to narrow down the area or asset that is causing the DCs. We approached from every point on the compass to try to pinpoint a center, and it appears that is has something to do with my base, my CV or perhaps the area. Or maybe all three? (See the pic attached of the cleared area around Relayer Alpha) Regardless, being in its current unplayable state, I’d like to request that my base and CV be transported to ATLANTIS SPACE, far out from the main routes in and out of the system as not to cause any problems if one or both are the culprits. I have destroyed every other asset I had there, but the base and Garage Portal CV are pretty valuable. Once placed, I will try to approach and recycle or destroy. If they cannot be approached I will issue the destroy command. Note: Factionmate Shojis is at the base and cannot log in.
As a suggestion, suitable for copying/pasting:
ID:152227 to ATLANTIS SPACE -3600, 3500, -30000
ID:35268933 to ATLANTIS SPACE 4500, 6700, -34000

Thanks in advance for the trouble.


Good Morning,

thanks for these tests!
Hopefully we can pin it down and find the root cause.

I warped the 2 mentioned structures now.
Let me know if you need further help.


It was the base! I went to the CV first as I thought that was the culprit. After I recovered it I approached the base and DC’d. The good news is I’ve removed everything of real value over the last weeks due to the season ending, the better news is that
my factionmate Sholjis should be able to spawn in now.
Thanks for all your help!


Also, I can’t think of a way to get close enough to recycle the base along with the alien core…


Interesting! Since Alpha 8.0 this is now the second time a “base” was the reason for this.
And cross-reading the exceptions in the playfield log I can tell 99% it has something to do with Constructor/Deconstructor.
I hope Eleon can fix it.

Hmm, I can’t trigger a recycle for you I’m afraid. I can only remove it and give you the Alien Core in the inventory.


Adding the alien core sounds great, and thanks for using your valuable time. Do you want me to leave the base for the investigation?
Nice to find this for Eleon and you so they can investigate. Have a great day.


It’s in your backpack now.

The base is in our backups we can send to Eleon now - I don’t want to have a corrupt structure in the universe.


I understand that! And thanks for the core, got it.


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