Playfield Control with starter planet wipe

Hi team,

I would like to restrict structures (cb/ba/sv/hv) on starter system / planet to auto delete 21 days after created / stayed on planet. However, I want the counter to be reset if the player fly away with that structure (eg:cv) to other system. I found the counter won’t reset when fly away and come-back, is this normal?

travel route with a cv : Created CV on starter> stay 10 days > fly to non-starter stay 5 days > Fly back to the created starter : Days left for this CV before wipe = 11days left.

Which Option I should set to let a structrure counter be reset when left the “Wipe Struct. After h” is on for 21 days(eg: 504 hours) ? I tried “Wipe if x hours on playfield” not work as expected.

Or can someone explain me to the real difference to below setting? Thanks a lot.

  • Wipe if x hours on playfield (structure or player?)
  • Wipe not touched struct. after h (this is the most cleared)
  • Wipe struct. after h (I want this to reset when structure leave and comeback)

I wonder if the "wipe struct. after h have 1 min left and it’s not resetting when left, then if I fly back to 1 min left star system, will my ship suddenly disappear (being wiped) during flight ? lol…

  • Wipe if x hours on playfield → Wipe a structure that stays longer then x hours on this playfield. If you move the ship to another playfield and come back to the first, the time is reset (each time it switches playfields). So this would be your choice. But its only for a playfield, not system.

  • Wipe not touched struct. after h → Wipes a structure if it was not touched for x hours

  • Wipe struct. after h → Wipes a structure that was created x hours before now. The deletion of course only happens when you are on a playfield that has that flag set. But since it checks the structure creation, it will never reset and as soon as you enter a playfield that has a limit which is exceeded, it will remove it.

Thank you Jascha, That’s clear enough… I guess HWS using the “Wipe if x hours on playfield” for structures at starter /w 14 days limitation, am I correct?


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I just set “Wipe if x hours on playfield” as 504 hours for starter playfields, but I found it shows 29days+ before wipe. I guess the untouch-structure is overriding this? I think it should show 20days+ before wipe using cb:wipe. Any clue overriding it?

hm that would be strange. Not sure