PlayFields not loading

For a few builds the Playfields are not loading when I click on the button under features. Every thing else loads ok that I can tell.
With the current version that came with the latest server update, the issue is the same. The dat file is only 48kb. All other dat files grow as expected, like the structures. Which that one works. =]

Is there some logs that I can send or settings I can look at?

Edit: also the playfield logs contain information on the playfields.

What Version are you using? Full or lite? On the Server or local via Master/Slave?

Current full versions that is in the Game update. We moved to that one from the Full download version.
I also did a new setup on the admin helper, and did not move over the existing configuration.
Our Item list got messed up too, so I copied the old item db to fix that issue.

This runs on the server, we do have a master / slave set up.

hm Playfields are loaded after the tool starts and after klicking on “Who’s on” if that does not load all Playfields, then something is wrong.
Can you send me the logs (see Log folder)

Here are the (107.2 KB)

And thank you!

Thanks, I see it.
Your have a property in your dedicated.yaml which is not yet implemented: ScenarioPath
I did nothing yet for the EXP Version. Are you using Alpha 7.0 EXP?
If not delete that property please or let me know. If its Alpha 7.0 then I will talk to the devs and do it as soon as possible.

We are running the current public build. 6.7.1
That line has been in there for a few build s now. I did # it out, but that did not work, so I deleted it.
The issue is still there. Also the items are blank now. =\

Here are the new (4.3 KB)

I noticed that there was a difference in the current dedicated file, so I rebuilt ours.
Now in the tool I can edit the server config, which I could not before.
And now can load all the features.

So there was something in my server_dedicated file.

I am all good now. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Have a great one!!!

Your welcome. Glad to hear its solved.
If your Items are still empty download the tool from our old download page but only copy the item.xml out of the config folder into your config folder (dont copy any other dll or exe). Then start the tool again.

All is perfect and working better than ever. =] even the slave.

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