PLEASE add PVE content

So the new map looks great but with the update the choices of PvE on the server are almost non existent, I could make an extremely long post of the current situation but I thought a picture might be more helpful.

Please add at least one planet that we can build our private CVs and bases on, even it’s restricted to one each with tax.
The old PvE planets were fairly balanced, basic low amount of resources with drones constantly attacking and awful living conditions, but at least it was an option!

Even just bring the old PvE Ice planet back would be great! (Forgot the name I called it Hoth).

would you have the time for me to explain a bit on the pve content ???
i will hop on the hws discord to explain it to you and y there is not alot

RexXxuS - Yesterday at 2:20 AM
Alright - maintenance is over. @everyone


  • Better loot for starters (part 1)
  • updated playfield descriptions for Homeworld, Golden Globe, Vulc City, Magma, Nomad Empire, Oasis
  • You can now land with 1 faction / private Class 1 CV on Golden Globe or Homeworld! (for better HV carriers)
  • Updated regeneration keys for starter POIs (test needed)
  • Deactivated spawn to base limit (temporary until Devs fixing it)
  • Vulc City + Nomad Empire + Magma + Oasis are now PvPvE rotation planets
  • Streamlined restart times / Black Hole wipe for all servers to 5PM (GMT+1)

NO 11PM restart anymore. Now only two: 9AM + 5PM

Hey guys,

thanks for your valuable feedback.
With OP my intention was to even bring some “minecraft” / PvE lovers out in PvP I agree that there is not many locations you can “build” (play Singleplayer).

For origin planets a change is coming telling:
2 faction bases only (private > the planet will be full very quickly with few 30 people factions…)
2 faction CVs only (same reason)
but 1 private SV and 1 private HV will be allowed to travel all together around the planet.

Of course origin planets will be full sooner or later within the 3 month season but let’s see how we can improve from there.

However for PvE I have something in mind for coming week > adding 2 PvE planets into the universe which are reachable only with Stargates from couple of places (to be announced).
PvE in a PvP environment is tricky you have to understand. Not even the resource topic or minecraft guys, but in fact the PvP thing. People attacking in PvP and hiding in many PvE playfields.
So if you can reach the PvE planet only with stargates this brings more dynamic into the game.

And yes, keep in mind that we have now PvPvE rotation planets.

It’s a MP server after all and even though I understand where you are coming from keep in mind that building in peace and harmony is the intention of Singleplayer.


It’s not often on games these days you ever expect a response from developers, let alone a reassurance or resolution.

You never cease to amaze me Rex, from what you wrote it sounds perfect and I’m looking forward to it! Thanks for getting back to me, looking forward to see how the season develops.


Btw… why do you need a private BA/HV/SV/CV? You can just set all to faction? What is the difference in having private SV instead of faction SV?


If your allowed private and Faction 1CV/1HV/1SV/1BA
Faction of 1 will be able to spawn 8 cores, Faction of 10 will be able to spawn 44cores

If your allowed only Faction 2CV/2HV/2SV/2Ba
Faction of 1 will be able to spawn 8 cores, faction of 10 will be able to spawn 8 cores.

Private limits benefit bigger factions while faction limits only benefit smaller factions

Private BA/HV/SV/CV will be shot at by allies guns but not take any damage on pvp playfield. (Not sure if this was fixed recently thou haven’t tested)

No PVE planets? Launch the game - press new game - you have a LOT of PVE. You build what you want you can mine what you want - all is yours.

P.S. Nothing personal just hate minecraft PVE noobs - they blowing in the ears of developers and devs braking my favorite game from alpha to alpha.

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Thanks Kogami for explanation. So I think that there should be a planet/planets with both types. One for bigger factions and one for smaller factions like me as I play solo. I like this idea!

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