Please Change Stack Size for OCD limits


Could you change OCD limits to the new stack size that will be implemented next season. For example raw pentaxid is now becoming a rare resource and can only hold half the amount in one OCD slot. When trying to split the stack to reorganize it fills the slot for pentaxid as if its a common category making it impossible to correctly stack for next seasons limits.


Should be already active.

Pro tip: in HWS Connect you can do SHIFT + Right Mouse button to split stacks.

Thank you sir!

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since its already active; could take out all the penta and then put it back in,
i assume that ocd slot is still defined as common hence this issue

didnt know about hte shift+right mouse button on Connect nice :slight_smile:

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yeah i was doing that yesterday and it kept filling back to the old limits. looks like he already fixed it so it should all be good now. Logging it to test

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